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I really enjoyed working with Lizonil. She really spent the time to be attentive to my thoughts and ideas. I absolutely love the design - fits my thoughts perfectly! I couldn't be happier. :)

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Winning design #110 by lizonil, Logo Design for Health Nut Diva Logo Contest
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designed by lizonil

Project description

I am starting a health blog - focused on healthy foods. It will be gluten free/raw/whole food/organic focused. I will include recipes, health tips, gardening info, ect... Attached files: I saw this on someone else's website - thought it was cute - although I would not want the measuring tape included. I like modern/abstract/healthy/feminine/wellness focused themes. Icon Ideas: woman, leaf, utensils, nut, heart, ribbon or stamp (i like scrapbooking elements) COLORS CAN BE ANYTHING. *Mostly women will come to my blog = so women friendly colors, icons, ect...

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  • This is definitely my favorite - so cute!! I absolutely love it!
  • @CH - you probably change brief - adding caracter design instead of eliminating others? Thank you!
    • The front runners have not created a character redlogo. You are not being eliminated because you have not designed a character. Take a look, I don't have any points for this.

  • Hi there, #74 #75 and #76, blonde hair in pony tail, and I tried a couple more fonts for you. I think she is cute, she would work on her own and on tshirts too! I know it's very different to your front runners, but I have enjoyed creating her. Kind regards, Liz
  • ? for you - it looks like her hair in the front over her eyes is a bit faded - could you fill that in a bit. I'm a blond. Can you try a blond haired version - and maybe one with a ponytail? I understand if my requests are too much.. :)
  • I like the tiara in #61
  • can you make this one with a tiera? also some variations of the "health nut" font I like the Diva font - looks artistic
  • Hi there, re #71 and #72... I have tried different fonts, made Diva look as though it's her signature. Tried more earthy colours in #71 and removed her tiara, but added some flesh tone. Kind regards, Liz
  • can you try some variations of this logo, its so cute, but I'd like to see a few variations. Even in the text. Thanks - :)
    • Re #61 Thanks, I will play around with it for you. Let me know if there is anything specific you would like to try, different hair, colours etc. Cheers, Liz ; )

  • Hello CH, i have submitted #64 , #65 , #66 , any feddback is welcome if you like any of them. Thank you for your time
  • creative
    • Thanks, I was trying something a bit different that might make people stop and read! and in #63 I used lettering only, with the Health Nut part a bit nutty and the Diva part quite diva ish... used earthy colours and threw a couple of basil leaves in. Kind regards, Liz

  • the leaves on the "I" is an idea already used
  • your entry uses the idea/concept of entry 13
  • using leaves on the "D" is already used by another designer
  • The "diva" looks very cool. :)
  • not crazy about this icon. love the other entries though.
  • Love it - feels very "earthy" very real. I don't think there is anything I would change here.
  • I like the four elements depicted in the icon, I'm just not crazy about the icon itself. Not sure how to tell you to change it.
  • Dear CH, thank you for your rating. Is there anything you would like to change on my entries? Please let me know, I will be more then happy to do it. best regards
  • @musaver786: Please delete your designs #47 and #51. The idea of woman was mine from the begining. So ask to withdraw them or I have to report you. Sharie just said: To all designers, this will be the last time I post this before I start giving infractions for copying...... you CAN NOT copy another designers idea or concept, this infringes on the original designers idea and concept be original and unique
  • your entry is text treatment/style as entry 6 please be original it does not mnatter if ch asked you to do this