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Winning design #264 by sajid2032, Logo Design for Healthy Steps Challenge Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sajid2032

Project description

We are building a corporate walking program that uses pedometers to measure employee steps, records the data online, and allows employees to view leaderboards and compete against one another. Basic Logo Specs: Needs to incorporate at least one human footprint (not a shoe print) into the logo. Needs to have the words "Healthy Steps Challenge" as the main focus of the logo. Needs to be in a more playful (less corporate) font and style.

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  • This looks great. Love the design and would like to see more of your ideas. While I really like the clean look of this logo, something a little more fun/wild would be nice. Maybe adding a third color would give it a little more of that fun feeling. Also maybe some lines or other curves to give it a feeling of motion?
    • im glad that you love my design. i made an update #30 and #31. please provide feedback. hope you like it more. thanks!

  • Hi CH, I have modified my entry slightly and produced #20. I have changed the font and given the colours some depth with a gradient. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • I like the design here. I would like to see something a little less medical if possible. Nice looking and clean though. Would love to see more from you.
  • I like this design. The feet worked into the heart is cute. Reason I rate it lower is that it feels a little too medical and not fun enough. Can you give it another shot with something more fun looking and less "doctor-y"?
  • I really like the design but would like to see some alternate font options that you think would look good. Also, maybe some alternate configurations (logo to left of text, etc.) Definitely on the right track.
  • Hi CH, Please find my entries #8 , #9 , #10. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
    • Apologies for missing the 's' from Steps, this is no problem to change if you would like me to do so

    • Yes, if you could add the "s", that would be great.

    • Is there any particular one you quite like the format of? How about the colour?

    • Hi CH, Please find the amended version #15, it would be great if you could rate some of the designs, to help give us direction to what you are looking for. Regards SJK

  • hi Ch i have updated my esign into #84 , #85 and #95. it shape like an apple as apple represents health. thanks!
  • I still really like the font and text layout on this one but not wild about the icon.
    • Sure, Diffidently i will change the " icon ". Thank you!

  • Hi Bpolak, Please find my entries #77 , #78. Feedback most welcome. Regards SJK
  • I really like this design and these icons are a better fit for us. Can you show us the same design with different colors? Specifically, can you do three different shades of blue? Maybe the same thing with shades of green too?
    • Hi bpolak, I made changes so please be so kind and check #67 and #68 best regards

  • Cute design but a little too colorful.
  • Very cute design. I really like the graphic being made up of the feet. But it's a little too difficult to tell what the object is. I like your designs so please submit other ideas if you can.
  • Nice design but a little too wild for our logo.
  • Cute design but the "leaf" is not a good fit for this logo.
  • I like the design. Can you try it with fewer colors? Maybe just green and blue? Or another color combination that you think looks good.
  • Any chance we can see this exact same design but with just two colors? Maybe a blue/green combo? Or blue/red? Again, I like the design but the colors are too pastel-y.
  • Very nice design. I like the colors giving it some pop but I'm not sure the heart and the + are a good fit. Maybe some other design options with the same fonts?
    • Thank you for your feedback. I will change symbols to something new and I will work on new options.

    • Hello bpolak, I made changes so please check this entry #65 - I add medal icon as well as man walking icon. I hope you will like it

  • Hi Ch i made an update and variations of my design. #46 , #48 and #49. please provide feedback for direction of my design. thanks
  • Great design. Can you tighten the kerning in "challenge"? Maybe try a few other font options on "challenge" also? Also wonder how it would look with the final "s" as a right foot instead of a left foot. Very nice and clever design.
  • Nice design but it's too collegiate feeling for our walking program.