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Winning design #26 by kidray, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kidray

Project description

We've updated our website with a new theme and want to have a new logo created as well. Main colors are #FE6E41 and #63857F. We're focusing on beauty, wellness, and all things to help you achieve those goals. In short, we describe ourselves: Staying healthy involves much more than diet and exercise – it is a lifestyle. Here at it means balance and harmony in all facets of your life. Initially we're thinking of something like a pebble causing the ripple in the water...

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  • Can you lose the ".com"? We won't want that included as part of the logo. Thanks!
    • Hello, I removed the `.com` in my latest entries. Perhaps you want to see something not too abstract/subtle, so these are options of something literal. Please check, Thanks!

  • #8 incorporates the "mind, body, spirit" which I feel is represented well by your website. Let me know if there are any changes you would like to see!
  • Could you redo this with a leaf vs the lotus flower? We're trying to stay away from that. Plus lose the tag line?
    • Thanks for ratings and feedbacks. Here are some rework per your suggestion #22, #23. Also a new option #24. As it seen all done in simplicity and developed based on the idea of nature/leaves combined with reader/guide/book. Btw my highest rating #2 still have the `.com`, do I have to re upload it without?

    • No need to reload #2; we're liking your new designs. Thanks for all of the submissions. #23 would be higher rated if it had the stronger font of #16. Could you make that change?

    • Thanks again for ratings. I now concentrate on my highest rating entries. On #42 and #43 I gave it a soft gradation, single and original color version. I`ll be back with my other high rated entries to keep it up with my highest. Thanks!

  • This gets mixed reviews from our group. The primary concern is it feels a little too familiar, which we're afraid may be interpreted by someone out there as infringement on their logo.
  • Could you combine the book with the pulse in it from #2 with remove the tag line. We're thinking of changing that too so don't want it included in the logo.
  • Could you remove the tag line? We're discussing an update for that too so don't want it in the logo.
  • We're trying to stay away from the lotus for this site. We actually use that elsewhere.
  • We're not wanting the tag line as part of the design.
  • Hello CH, I have submited designs: #37, #38, #39 and #40 . Any feedback is welcome. Thanks and regards