Heather Rae Coffee

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Project description

Coffee Label- 

Pin up style female or silhouette  
Brunette or similar to the live pictures attached. 
More fun than sexy- I do not want too sexy- the owners want strict corporate appropriate.
Can not be "offensive" 

Appealing but corporate appropriate. Target market has to be all generations. Classic and tempting 

Im open to color schemes.

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  • If you select me as winner you will have 7 days to work on the change you want. kayum786@gmail.com
  • Love this!!! I uploaded a similar picture with the coffee cup not around the face, we would like to see one without the coffee cup blocking the face.. but LOVE this logo. #35
    • @heathersanchez021 saw your comment now need more time can you give me 2 hour so I can work on it and upload it. Thank you

    • @heathersanchez021 can you please extend the time.

  • hope you like this #42
  • hope you like this #41
  • Please let me know if You want any changes. Thank You. #40
  • Hello .I hop your are will .Please find the attachment and please give you feedback
    Thank you #37
  • hope you like this #36
  • hope you like this #35
  • hope you like this #34
  • Hello! Here is my concept with some color solutions, ready to fix or change anything #33
  • Hi..please feedback thank #31
  • hope you like this #30
  • hope you like this #29
  • hope you like this #28
  • i hope you like for my design #18
  • hope you like this #14
  • About #3, @TP_Rentillo Hi, thank you for your feedback. Ive read your comment and I have another revision. I have 2 options, could you please check entry #12 and #13. Thank you :) I hope you love this.
  • Can I see this in lighter colors- maybe different picture
    I like the name set up, alot. #4
  • Can I see a couple different fonts? Also is there a silhouette a little less seductive? I like the idea! #3
  • Can we get this girl with a chef shirt on- or less revealing. #2