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Winning design #150 by SCH, Logo Design for Helix Properties Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SCH

Project description

Southern California Real Estate brokerage that specializes in flipping homes. Design should be modern, sleek, luxurious. Maybe incorporate a double-helix into the design or the "H" of Helix? Clean lines, sharp design preferred.

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  • Love this design, our only concern is that it kinda looks like smoke is coming out of the house hahah! Maybe incorporate the helix as the pathway leading to the front door or something like that? Everything about the rest of the design is grade A
    • sure... thank you for your feedback. I am working on it now. Regards. -MaxDesigner

    • Dear Contest Holder, Sorry for the delay. Please, checkout the Design #137 and #138 and let me know your concern. regards. -MaxDesigner

    • |--|

      MaxDesigner {*wrote*}:
      Dear Contest Holder, Sorry for the delay. Please, checkout the Design #137 and #138 and let me know your concern. regards. -MaxDesigner
      |--| Please, checkout the last 2 designs except the smoke #190 and #191 .regards. -MaxDesigner

  • Like this design. Can you make the bottom design Tiffany blue? we like the steady fade without borders
    • I can do that for sure, I will upload it for you now!.

  • Hello designers, thank you so much for all your great work. What we've liked so far have been clean, simple designs that work a helix in. One thing to avoid is a design that shows an upside down house... an "upside down" home is a bad thing in real estate! Thanks again and look forward to the final days of this contest!
  • Like the design. Please submit with main color of Tiffany Blue and letters a little more modern please.. and a Helix!! Thank you!
  • Hi, Dear Contest Holder, Your feedback would be highly appreciated on #99 , #100 , #101 . Regards.
  • I would love some feedback on #89. I have incorporated the helix with the "H" as you suggested, but also took it a step further and the shapes create a house "flipping." Please let me know what you think of the design and color scheme. Thanks!
  • http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/helix-properties/entry/50/ Only one design per canvas is allowed, please read the rules before posting!
  • CH: I Just trying my luck in your contest... here is my entry... incorporated helix and a housing symbol at the same time in the X of helix. #126 Looking forward to hear your feedback and directions. Thanks
  • Hi CH, any feedback to #123 will be helpful. Any change can be done, specially in colors. Thank you.
  • Hello CH, I have submitted design 121 please give feed back where needed, thank you.
  • Hello, I have posted entries #145, 146, and 147. any feedback you can give me would be appreciated. If I need to amend the font / colors / design in any way that could make it more appealing to you....Thanks for the feedback