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Hello Nite!!/Night! is a new Lounge/PJ collection that is launching in early 2017.  We are seeking artists for both a hand drawn vintage style logo and a more technical modern logo or a combination of both.  Our better contemporary collection mixes fresh yet playful edgy looks that are both modern and vintage.  Artist submissions can be either or a combination of both.  W magazine is an excellent example of this aesthetic.  

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  • This is now abandoned contest designer vote win for the prize. Please go to https://www.designcontest.com/forum/designers-chat/77468-please-vote-abandoned-contest-hello-nite.html and reply with enbtry number you think should win
  • raa
    Could you clarify the product name? How should it read in the design? Thanks.
    • @ragandrock I am so sorry I had to write this on someone else's comment, but there was no other way to contact you. I designed a unique and original logo with a hand painted/ vintage look for you. It is adaptable and I would be willing to modify it if you would like me to. My grandma was just diagnosed with cancer last week, and I was not able to enter my logo in time. I was wondering if there would be any way for me to get that to you. I have the design on my portfolio if you would like to take a look before deciding anything. Thank you so much and sorry for the long comment!

  • v2 #537
  • Simple & original. #534
  • v1 #533
  • About #529. This particular submission was created with a higher end market in mind.
  • Hello,
    Created this illustrative Logo for your company.
    The moon is actually hand drawn but I rendered it digitally. tried to draw it leaning to a more vintage feel illustration and chose fonts that are san serif with a combination of both bold and thin thickness. The moon i drew is called a waning crescent moon,It is sometimes called an old moon. It’s seen in the east before dawn. At this moon phase, the moon has moved nearly entirely around in its orbit of Earth
  • Ursa Minor #526
  • small bear a constellation of
  • 1 #510
  • Your feedback is important, thank you. #508
  • Hi @ragandrock

    Please, check this new proposals for the logo design and let me know your comments.

    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thank you. #503
  • 1 #502
  • Hello night Pajama Line Logo #501
  • @ragandrock please check #456 & #457 thanks before..
  • hello,please checked my proposal,maybe you like it,thanks. #490
  • v #485
  • @ragandrock Here's my other entry :) #480
  • @ragandrock Hi CH! Here's my entry :) Please let me know what you think. Thanks! :) #479