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Winning design #86 by Logolab77, Logo Design for Hello Plumbing Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Logolab77

Project description

Warm welcomes to my design brief! 
Im wanting the companies colour scheme to be light blue and dark blue with green and maybe something slightly pink.  (maybe try dark green with lighish blue?) but open to all colours (little bit of red etc)
i want for a character within the main logo as close to human as possible. Try avoid the cartoon like look. (like a character holding a wrench etc but must be smiling and in a way saying "hello") 
This logo is going to be sign written if that gives any more ideas!
Any other questions post a comment! 

My slogan is "your friendly plumber"
Or "the plumber you can trust"
Which I would also like incorporated 
Into the design

Good luck!! 

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  • Here is a full display layout for prior entry with larger logo on character,you could go either way with it small logo vs larger,just another option to consider,looking forward to hearing back #86
  • Heres one more option without the pocket but with a slightly larger logo on the character #85
  • About #69, @Logolab77 Note,Although i believe its solid the way it is,im going to upload one more variation option shortly with the logo on the character slightly larger,i liked the idea of having it on the pocket but to have it enlarge id have to remove the pocket,that is the only catch since enlarging it with the pocket would make the pocket too large
  • About #69, @Logolab77 Thanks again for the response,and yes,once we have concluded for the logo design phase id certainly be interested in assisting you with additional marketing material projects...the price really depends on what you want done although i can assure you reasonable pricing solid work and timely turnaround,would love to be your designer for this,looking forward to hearing back
  • Hello! I noticed I couldn't see your other designs anymore! I rather entry #34 looks fantastic! #21
  • Kindly review this logo & let me know if it fits the description.
    Tried to make the design & typeface appear friendly. Good or bad, your feedback will be of great help. #81
  • Display layout for horizontal variation and vertical (stacked)logo variation,looking forward to hearing back #80
  • Here is a scaled up view for the blue eye variation along with some minor touch up #79
  • Here is display layout with current face incorporated,just to give you a gauge how design would look on marketing materials,this is all original vector artwork #67
    • About #69, @Logolab77 Ok,im back at my workstation for the day,have it in shortly

  • Hi there..hope you like with this one... #73
  • About #69, @Logolab77
    Really like the design! Can you make the eyes blue?
  • Here is the follow up to #67 realigned the secondary text on the main logo (horizontal variation)and incorporated a small text stand alone logo to the character,looking forward to hearing back #68
  • Here is one more variation with some enhancements,looking forward to hearing back #66
  • About #65, @Logolab77 Here is a touched up display layout of prior entry,looking forward to hearing
  • Hi,

    Let me know what you think about my initial designs. Please leave feedback for improvement. Thanks #58
  • This layout samples a horizontal variation of logo at the top,both would be included,looking forward to hearing back #57
  • Here is 1/2 display layouts of design based off of your design brief and preferences,looking forward to hearing back #56
  • About #49, THANKS for your feedback and appreciation , i have seen you comment and incorporate them soon
  • About #26, @MogoVisual
    Looks really good! Can we make the character a bit more realistic?
  • Looking good, can we add more space between the "Plumbing" and the slogan?
    Maybe try the slogan in grey or dark grey?