Very talented designers here. I couldn’t be any happier. Nearly 100 design concepts made it difficult to decide but that was to my benefit. Highly recommend going this route as opposed to going elswhere with a few designers and limited revisions.


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Winning design #76 by YAD, Logo Design for Helplynk Contest
Gold Medal

designed by YAD

Project description

We are a computer repair and consulting company. Our interest is in servicng small business with their IT needs. I am looking at mostly a font based logo with the "Y" in Helpynk standing out but I would like to see any other ideas thrown out there. As long as it looks professional.

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  • #44? I changed the idea of the logo like you said and put in an arrow. Hope you like it!
  • Hello CH #40 and #41 are my approach on your business logo. Simple, using the colors you suggested. Any feedback would be appreciated. Regards Andrei
  • Hello, dear CH. I have submitted logo #39 . any feedback are welcome. Thanks. Tiny
  • Hello, dear CH. I have submitted logo #38. any feedback are welcome. Thanks. Tiny
  • YAD
    Hello sir CH, tnx for the positive feedback, ive submitted 2 more entries hope u like it... thanks.
  • All, I have decided to cancel the gold color in favor of a gray/silver color. I'm getting positive feedbacks from these logos but not many like my color choice. Please change the gold color to a silver/gray color. Thank you all for such awesome designs.
  • #14 is a very nice looking logo. My only concern is that a gear doesn't really represent computer type services. A mouse arrow curser may be a good a good replacement for the gear. Thanks Quinton.
  • Any feedback about #14? I created the gear to represent repair. Hope you like.
  • I like the Y a lot. Could you submit a revision replacing the gold color in Help with black and another in gray?
  • All designs look great! However, designers on #6, 7 and 8 have the right idea of what I'm looking for by emphasizing the letter "Y". You can also try changing the font for the letter “Y” if that helps. This is due to the effect that I don't what customers spelling the name like it sounds (Helplink). Also, I’d like to see what you designers can do with the letters HL in a letter form design in front of the name. It is not necessary to include a tagline. Thank you all for such fantastic concepts!
  • CH, I have submitted #45 for your review... Thank you, DM
  • YAD
    hello CH,.. heres the changes youve ask.. #76 thanks :)
  • I like your letter form, this looks modern. Could you replace the arrow in the letter "L" with a rounded end like the top of the "H"? Thank you, nice job!
  • Thanks for feedback! I've updated logo. Please have a look at #72 entry. Sincerely, Vitaliy
  • Very nice concept. Can you also do a design with the letters HL inside the ring and another concept with an mouse arrow inside the ring. Nice work!
  • Hello! Please have a look at my designs #70 and #71 I've made logos clear, attractive with presence of essential symbol and modern customized typeface. Sincerely, Vitaliy
  • Any thoughts about #59? I tried changing the font? Idk what type of font you're looking for.
  • This is very nice! I especially like what you did with the Y. I would like to see what you can do with maybe other font types.
  • If you're gonna extend the contest, atleast start giving ratings to give us feedback
  • Dear CH, My submissions are #87 #88 #89 #90 I tried to make the "y" stand out like you had mentioned. I also created the symbol with a keyboard button to help correlate what your business is about. Hope you like it. Thanks, Essie