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Winning design #92 by hollander, Logo Design for HH Resources, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hollander

Project description

Oil & Gas Company

See Sketch Below.  Would like to incorporate an oil derrick in the logo, with drill bits at the bottom going both ways east and west horizontal drilling with drill bits at the end of each.  And maybe oil spewing out the top. 

I would like the horizontal pipes at the bottom to underline the Resources, LLC word.

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  • This is the one. I love it. Great Job. #92
    • Thanks, I am waiting for your decision About #92, @dash_hinds

  • nice try, but not quite what I'm looking for. #106
  • Can you make The HH more distinct? Maybe a line through the middle of the HH like on #45 #71
    • Please check #92 About #71, @dash_hinds

  • Hollander can you make the HH stand out a little more, kinda like the line through the middle of the HH on #45? I like how it stands out on #45, but I want it to be not black background. Does that make sense? #71
  • Hollander, you are good, I like this one alot, but I feel like there is a lot going on. I like the wider HH on this logo compared to the others you did, can you take the Texas Shape off, and on the bottom Line, make it straight and not the dip in the middle, but leave the dip in the middle on top one? #64
    • Thanks, I hope your opinion will not change until the end of the contest -)
      Please check #71 and #72 About #64, @dash_hinds

  • I'm interest in your design.
    How about my design? Any feddbcak?

    Best Regard #69
  • I like the design, I think the HH is too short.
    • @dash_hinds Thanks for the feedback. Here are my new entries #67 and #68.

  • I like it, but it's too simple. #55
  • didn't follow directions
  • Design with circle #53
  • Please see and give your feedback #52
  • Hopefully like your expectation @dash_hinds #51
  • I like this one as well, Can you make the arrows look like oil drill bits? #20
    • Thanks for the feedback. I added a few new options. Please check. About #20, @dash_hinds

  • I feel like it looks too much like a cross in the middle and it takes away from HH #34
  • Please give my design feedback #26
    • @Teja your design looks too simple, good try

  • Also, once you find a drillbit design, can you add one to each side of the bottom line as well just to see what that looks likes? #20
  • I like this alot, can you make the arrows at the bottow look like Oil Drill Bits?
  • follow the design you requested #28
  • Logo dea. Hope I'm on track. Good luck #14
  • Can you connect the lines under the resources back to the middle part of the HH so it looks like it is drilling? #2
    • About #2, @dash_hinds Good, I will soon do