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this has been a great experience! i really loved seeing all of the creativity and ideas come to life during the contest. i would definitely recommend this site to anyone and everyone in need of a professional graphic design.

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hello all who we are: we are a small dental practice located in jacksonville, florida, usa. we are a somewhat new, modern, clean office, with lots of new technology. we mainly put our emphasis as a practice on our hygiene recall (which means stressing the importance of coming in every 6 months for cleanings, checkups, etc.) another strong suit of ours is the cosmetic cases (like veneers, bleaching, braces, etc.) even further we try to do as many procedures as possible under one roof (which means we don't have to send the patients to other specialists to complete treatment) who the clientele are: the majority of our patients are female (60%), and the majority age group is 20-39 years (44%) other stuff: we do have an existing logo. going along with the theme of hygiene recall in our existing logo, we have two toothbrushes and a string of floss making an H (brushing 2 x day, and flossing one time a day) but we want something newer, or possibly updating the old logo, or adding shading, or borders, etc. Higgins Dental Associates is the name of our practice, but we could possibly shorten to higgins dental or higgins to accommodate a particular logo. also, we did like how our previous logo had somewhat of a letter-form or emblem look that is easily transferred to shirts, lab coats, stationary, business cards, etc. but again we are open to any and all suggestions. thanks for your help! www.higginsdmd.com

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  • Are you open to new color options or do you want to stay with the teal/turquoise color you're currently using?
    • hey, yes we are totally open. new colors, new style, and/ or any other changes, or suggestions.

  • Hello CH, I have submitted entry #62 . Please some feedback about it, thank you. Regards Orinta
  • #59 is similar to #58 but cleaner and more organic. Let me know what you think. Are you thinking of keeping the existing font? I think you should search Dental logos to compare with other companies and see the diversity and creativity in the designs.
  • Hi CH, any comments on #58 would be appreciated. thanks
  • i like this one alot! but i need to see if someone here in town has a logo like this...
    • HI Contest holder, thank you very much for your appreciation Pedro

  • Hi CH, Please find my entries #20 , #21 . Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards Edward Agnel
    • Dear CH, appreciate for your kind feedback, It's a modified version of my design #20, #22. Thank You

    • Hi CH, Please find my new entry #56 . Hope this appeals your requirements. Regards Edward Agnel

  • Hi CH, I uploaded the design #28. Please feedback greatly appreciated. Best regards..
  • this is pretty good, classic, clean. maybe a border or something would be nice. but overall we like this one alot.
    • I have added a border for you and incorporated a brush along with it. Thanks for your feedback I appreciate it.

  • i like the modern feel of this. and i can see this being placed on our shirts, website, business cards, etc. i like how the "h" and the "d" come together to make a molar tooth. we all really like this one
  • hey i really like this retro feel, and the idea of incorporating the name into the toothbrush. i also like the fact that it is emblem like. it may be missing a little something, not sure what else can be put in there thanks!
  • #129 by Here is the updated font and updated shape options. Take a look and let me know your vision about it Regards Adnan
  • Design #128 Hello again, this design has a clean font with a curvy line that is a toothbrush over the higgins and a smile under dental. please let me know what you need.
  • Design #126 Hello, here is a professional design for you, the emblem is a toothbrush with the initials hd as the brush's hairs and a toothpaste on top. please let me know what you need on this design.
  • SCH
    Hi Ch, Please find my entries #124, #132, #133 & #149. I’ve managed to put toothbrushes, string of floss, & tooth making an 'H' into that one symbol, it is designed base on the theme of hygiene. best regards sch
  • hello, can you somehow combine #70 with #54? i really like the line that goes across #54. also can you make higgins in lowercase? i like the colors of #70. i like what you have done with this so far
    • Hello CH, I´ve submitted new entries, #146 #147 #145 #144 #122 #119 #118 #116

  • Hi CH, Please find my new version-5 #120 . Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards Edward Agnel
  • CH, Check some of the changes #115 I made to the old logo #59. feedback is appreciated. thanks :)
  • Dear CH,Check my entries #114 & #117.Feedback greatly appreciated. :)
  • this is looking good. can you make the tooth bigger to be same height as words? and change the font of "higgins"
  • Hi CH, Please find my new version #98. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards Edward Agnel