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Winning design #218 by reni81, Logo Design for High End Clothing Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by reni81

Project description

This logo will be for a high end clothing line. We want something that is simple yet classy along with something that is distinctive and appeals to the eye. The logo needs to be something that can go on the left chest where the pocket would be for the shirts. We will also be putting this logo on hats and other types of clothing. Just something that is simple with be great, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Please do not put the name of the company on the logo. We want something that can stand alone just a sharp logo that would look good on classy clothing. Thank you!

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  • hello MCPerry! this is my design für your company - i hope you like it :) please give me some feedback. greets
  • My logo doesn't have to be sliver-grey, if you want it can be a different color
  • #20 symbolic, simple and good for embroderie................
  • Dear CH Here is my entry #13,#14 hope you like it.I Don't know about the color u need.So if u want to see any kind of revision in my design please feel free to say.. :)please rate my designs... :)
  • Dear CH not too sure why my design isn't showing. If you run the mouse over it you can see the design. Let me know what you think.
  • Thank's for the feedback, I will try the sea horse concept and will work more on #44 #45 ! but since DesignContest provide a limited number of entries I will have only 3 more entries to post! I hope one of them will be your final logo :)
  • sofiano, those are much better #44 #45
  • I like the idea of this one, but if you could make it more into a seahorse instead of one with a horn on the back of its head that would be cool to see
  • Hi MCPerry, Do you have any comments/feedback regarding #44 & #45 ??
  • I was looking at this one, and I noticed at the bottom of the hanger there were almost like mountain range kind of part to it. If you could turn that into an actual mountain type logo that would be awesome
  • To all who submitted a logo with the name of the company being the primary part of the logo----we are looking for something to go on clothes, just a simple classy logo that can be printed and or embroidered to the clothing. We will not put anything ont there that has the name of the company on it. If anyone would like to change theirs it would be much appreciated and I am looking forward to looking at them!
  • I like the tree, but could you drop the R and L and make it stand alone?
  • This one is classy, but maybe focus more on the crown and less on it having to be inside an object
  • I like this one too, but would it be possible to drop the name and make it into a horse instead of a unicorn?
  • I like the idea, but it is just a little too simple. If you could expand it a bit that would be nice
  • Definitely like the logo part. If you could drop the name and develop the actual logo that would be great
  • I like the logo part. Would like to see the actual logo developed more
  • Dear CH Please disregard #42, I accidentally uploaded the wrong file. Its replacement #43 is the correct one. Feedback is appreciated! Thanks!
  • Hi CH, I decided to reinvent my design. #77 I kept the phoenix as the main idea and add some details and intricate as requested. Please let me know if I am on the right track. Would you like to see more details, extra lines, shapes? Thanks
  • moimeme- We would like a logo that can just stand on its own. For an example an object or animal or any kind of symbol. We will be is going to go on clothing so you are correct about that. I do apologize for the confusion on this. If you have anything further questions please do ask. I hope this cleared up any confusion that you had.