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This was an amazing experience, and thank you paintedpony contributed. The fast turn around and her responsiveness was incredibly impressive. Had she not contributed to the contest, by experience would of been very different. Thank you!

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I would like to create a farm logo as a gift for my mother. She has a small farm in Rhode Island where she breeds labrador Retrievers, Dutch Warmblood horses The horses are primarily used for the Sport of Dressage so if a full body of the horse is used it has to reflect a sport horse or dressage discipline. The labradors are the english type with shorter legs and square heads (the american lab look is not acceptable) and Sport Horse ponies. The logo will be used for her website, a business card, on the back of the chairs and for the stalls. I would like it to be in rich class colors, no pastels or neon. I imagine the tagline: High Meadows Farm breeding Sport Horse, Dog and Pony I am happy to answer any other questions.

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  • Hi lizardri~ What a lovely gift and great idea! I designed a few logos for your consideration. I created a stylized Warmblood and Lab with fluid lines and created a sweet interaction between horse and dog. The 2 color logos will be easy to produce online, in print or for embroidery onto apparel such as shirts, hats, etc. Colors can easily be revised to your preference. Hope you like the concepts: #2 #3 #4 #5 Kind regards, PaintedPony
    • Thank you!. I hope you received my comments. Really like your ideas. I am going to review all submissions tonight, and be back in touch.

    • I did get your comments, thanks so much. Looking forward to your feedback.

    • Hello! After my comments, I reviewed your portfolio, and you did create Wysteria Farm. We both breed,, are fiends, and show together. And she is the one that introduced me to this site. The concepts are too close to her farm logo and it would not be right. Do you think you could revise and resubmit. I think you have good ideas!

    • Hello~ Thanks so much for the feedback and information. Sorry if my initial concepts were in a similar style as the Wysteria Farm logo. I went back to the 'drawing board' and designed a couple new logos for your consideration. They are clean and simple and feature a Dressage horse and English Lab greeting each other in the meadow. I designed in navy with a fresh green. The 2 colors can easily be created as 1 color as well if needed. See what you think: #28 #29 #30 One more for your review. I revised the tagline layout to see if you like: #32 Kind regards, PaintedPony

  • I like the concept, but not sold on the color combinations with both designs. I like color combination more than your #10 submission. I am trying to imagine what shirt color I could apply the design. Really like the lab in the V of the M and the horse coming over the H.
    • Thanks for your comments. I will try some different color combination or even place it on a t-shirt for your reference. I tried single color, two-color, three-color and multi-color combination for your reference. Just feel free to let me know if you want further modification. Thanks!

    • Thank you for the additional submissions. I really am having a hard time. I think the font attributes are too strong for the Farm logo. I really appreciate your resubmissions. You did a terrific job with the horse and dog.

  • The pony does not have any ears. It is very close in design to concepts submitted already. I do like how the dog and horse are one.
    • Thank you for the feedback. I can add the ears. I can create one with just the dog and horse if you wish. I wanted to show all three to better sell the tag line :)

    • Hi once again, I created some new options for you #13 & #14. Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • I really love this! DId you by chance also create Wysteria Farm? The concept is similar.
    • Hi there~ Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you are liking the logos. I did design the Wysteria Farm logo. I think the simple horse and dog looks clean, simple and classy. If you'd like to see any revisions, please let me know. Thanks, PaintedPony

  • It is a bit too ordinary. Typical sign you might see. It is not original enough.
  • This has too much of a western look to me. And the animals are not good examples of a labrador and warmblood.
  • All really good. I think I like the blue better.
  • Love this one too!
  • I would love to see a dog too
  • The dog is not a labrador, and the horse is OK, but should be more of a dressage sport horse warmblood.
  • Down to the wire! Thank you for resubmitting. We like this one. Font attributes are great. Can we see this with the following changes: Tag line on the top to compare (like 32) And do oyu have a better lab? English style? This one is not bad, but she is particular. :) If you do not, it is really not bad.
    • Thanks for the feedback and ratings. Please see #33 with revised tagline. I drew the lab using one of my labs as a reference. :) If you have any photos of some of your labs, I could fine-tune accordingly. Thanks, PaintedPony

    • I think the lab is fine. It is the hind end and tail I am focused on, but I think it is fine. I will look to see if I have any on this laptop. As a designer, do you prefer the tagline above or below? The font attributes are different, so I am torn. I think 33 is it. Thoughts?

    • And will the design come with the white version too?

    • Thanks. I can easily revise the tail. I drew it as a separate element so it can be more down if you prefer. I drew it to look like it is wagging. :) I think the tagline in the arch above is different since most taglines are usually underneath. I think the tagline arch rounds out the design. Yes, I would provide you with the 2 color logo, a reverse (white), and black only logo.