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Winning design #29 by luqueskaywalker, Logo Design for Hill Country Cleaning Company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by luqueskaywalker

Project description

Logo Design for a new cleaning company serving the Hill Country of Texas. I like the idea of a cleaning Longhorn. (for Texas)

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  • The whitespace at #5 is supposed to be a longhorn's . . . horn.
  • Hello ch, Please ignore entry #12 it has been added by mistake.. please see my concept entry #13 and let me know what you think. thank you
  • Hi CH With #9 i tried integrating a symbolic look of the longhorn into your business name. Any feedback is appreciated. Regards Andrei
  • Good point!! I will work on a revision...thank you. DM
  • You are on the right track except the longhorn can not be the same as the University of Texas Longhorn. There are equally as many Texas A&M fans in the Hill Country and they would be offended. We take our college football seriously...
  • Longhorn can not look like the University of Texas Longhorn. There are equally as many Texas A&M people in the Hill Country and referring to one college over another would offend them. Longhorn has to be more of a cartoon character.
  • Hi CH, I have submitted #25 for your review. thank you, DM
  • Dear CH: I have uploaded four kind of the design #11 with the white background and the same colours. I hope that you like it. Thanks
  • You are spot on - if you go just do one with the white background in #11 colors please. That would be great.
  • about "19 Thanks for giving me 100 points. If you want I can find more ways of presentation with the same elements. All your recommendations are welcome
  • Luqueskaywalker - Can you do one of #11 with a white background? I love this design...
  • FYI...One thing that I intend to use the logo for is embroidered polos for uniforms. #11 is heading right where I wanted to go. I would like to see it in the colors I requested as well.
  • about #11 Dear CH: I love that you liked the design What can I do to improve my design? thanks
  • I liked it very much but #29 is more of the polished cutting edge I was looking for.
  • Hello, I entered #28, wondering if you have any thoughts on it, thanks.
  • Please, tell me something about #31 y #32 For me the best is # 29, with the gradient drops. True, for t-shirts this is a problem. I have not problem handing the # 29 and another logo with beads without gradient. You should ask the staff "designcontest" if possible. I do not know
  • I can put the drops in blue toneimitating the water. I think the logo makes more sense with drops
  • OK - if thats what you recommend - lets try it.
  • what do you think about #31? without drops. I saw with star and i didn´t like