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Winning design #75 by Altruist, Logo Design for Hippo Tales  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Altruist

Project description

A book club for kids newborn to 1st grade. We would like a cute hippo reading a book, with the words Hippo Tales on the cover going across the book! colorful and clean lines are our goal. We would like the hippo to be blue or gray! We would also like an option of books piled up around the hippo. 

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  • Bigger title above, more detailed Hippo face on cover. #75
  • I am sorry that comment wasn't finished. Can we make the 1/2 circle words a little bigger? #74
  • We like this so much better! Could we make the face of the hippo on the book more detailed? And make the wor #74
  • Made some changes to the book. #74
  • Can we remove the hippo head silhouette from the book he is reading? And maybe put a side view of the hippo or just have the words on the book? #73
  • Bigger book and arch above. #73
  • Are you able to put this font in a half circle above the hippo with the bigger book? #68
    • Yes. I'll do that now. About #68, @xtinaclg

  • We love the bigger book and the color change! Can you put the words Hippo Tales above this version in a different font? and just remove the hippo head from the book he is holding? #69
  • Bigger Book #69
  • Hippo Tales underneath. #68
  • Could you also try an option where the book he is reading is a little bigger with hippo tails i larger font? #54
    • I made one with the words in an arch above. I have to go out for a few hours but I can work on some more options when I get back tonight. About #54, @xtinaclg

  • Here's one with the words above in an arch. #67
  • Can you make the name on the book bigger. As one option and put hippo tales under as another option. We are just looking for the name to be more obvious. Thank you. #54
  • We love the colors of your books. But the words Hippo Tales need to be easier to read
    • @xtinaclg Thank you, I am glad you like it. Here are some versions for the text part #56, #57, #58

  • if any feedback,i will revise as soon as possible #55
  • Revision of #36. Made the eyes blue and books brighter as requested. #54
  • Your colors aren't bright enough for us, and your hippo for doesn't have as much detail as we would like. But thank you so much for your entries! #51
  • Could you dress the hippo in different clothes and make him gray instead of blue? #41
  • About #22, hello xtinaclg,.. may i know why you eliminated ?,... any explanation will be appreciated,... thank you :)
  • Can you make his eyes blue and the books he his sitting on and the brown one next to him a little more colorful! You are our favorite so far!!! #36