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Winning design #75 by nerdesigner, Logo Design for HIPSTER Project Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nerdesigner

Project description

HIPSTER or the Hawaii InterProfessional Simulation Training for Emergency Response project is a educational project involving nursing students and physicians working together. I would like the project to have both the acronym HIPSTER and perhaps smaller the full project name "Hawaii InterProfessional Simulation Training for Emergency Response" as part of the logo somehow. In term so themes, maybe something medical like a caduceus (the medical staff) or an EKG tracing. (See attached logo for both the staff and that EKG tracing which is orange in the logo but could be other colors) Also alternatively something along the lines of integration or pieces fitting together since we are multiple fields coming together to work as one. In term so color, we are loosely associated with the University of Hawaii at Manoa so the green, black,white would be where I would like to start, but not limited to that.

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  • CH, Good morning, I have just submitted the entries #26 #27 . I would like to know your opinion about. I hope you like. Thanks Lorenzo
  • Dear CH, #25 is the revision of #2 as you requested. Thanks
  • Dear Ch, thanx for your feedback.I submitted an edited version #23 as you said. regards nd
  • I really like the style of the design especially the imbedded EKG tracing. Can you make one with the Caduceus as the "T" not the "I"
  • Hi. I like this design too. Can you highlight the "I" in InterProfessional similar to the "P" as it is part of the acronym. Also can you remove the word Project altogether.Thanks
  • Hi. Can you have a version where the "I" in inter professional is highlighted green(as it is a part of the acronym) and if you can remove the word "project"
  • Dear Ch, Thanks for your feedback.I put Some modified version #61,#62,#63,#64,#67.Any further modifications are wc Thanks and regards nd
  • Dear CH, Hi i have just submitted the entry #54 I would like to know your opinion about. I hope you like. Thanks Lorenzo.
  • Dear CH, thanks for your feedback. new designs are #46,#47,#48,#49. if you want me to remove shine too. I can do that to. thanks nd
  • can we see this with the white line for the EKG signal for 39 and 40 like in #45. Also for this one maybe not as many complexes for the EKG signal. Thanks.
  • Dear CH, thanks for your feedback on #31. I uploaded edited vs #39,#40,#44,#45 . fonts and colors and pulse lines are editable thanks and regards nd
  • Hi. This design is gaining traction, along with your others. One tweak we would like to see is maybe if the EKG pattern in this can be more like the one you had in #30. We like how it splits the two colors, but we like the more "realistic" EKG pattern you had in the others.
  • Dear Ch, thanks for your feedback about#23. Uploaded a new entry #38. Do you want me to modify any thing in #23, #38? every thing is editable in both designs. Thanks and regards nd
  • Good evening, I would like to submit entry #37. Features: colors in the style of University of Hawaii at Manoa, hospital symbol, ECG; serious and respectable, nevertheless reports focus on youth
  • Dear Ch, Hope you downloaded the source file. I re uploaded .JPEG,.png and .tiff file formats. looking forward for your one to one offer. thanks and regards nd
  • Hi Nerdesigner. Thanks for the upload. Is it possible to get this in other formats other than pdf? JPEG or PNG? Just wondering thanks.
  • Dear Ch, Thanks for selecting me winner.I will upload files asap. On your question Whether i can design power point template or no,my answer is yes. take decision on your will. thanks and regards nd
  • Hello nerdesigner Congratulations. We felt that your design #75 is perfect for our project HIPSTER. We were especially thankful for your repeated attempts at helping us to get it right and your very prompt and timely response to our feedback. We will make good use of this logo. A quick question, are you very familiar and capable of working with creating PowerPoint Design Templates? We would like to eventually create PPT design templates that take advantage of our great new logo and I am exploring whether to go the one on one project route or post another contest. Again congratulations and thanks again for giving us a great logo. - HIPSTER Team
  • Dear CH, thanks for your feedback. As per your suggestion i changed the text in #45 and #63. and presented new design #75 and #76. font size and color can be adjusted. thanx and regards nd
  • Can I see this with the HIPSTER all the same font color. For the words on the bottom, the letters that are highlighted can be the same color as the HIPSTER. Example if HIPSTER is in blue, the "H" in the words below can be Blue with the "awaii" in black.