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Winning design #46 by Leandrovallejos, Logo Design for HLC Kids Academy  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Leandrovallejos

Project description

The name of the company is The Hudson Learning Center. Our tag line is " the missing piece to your success". We would like a design that has a puzzle piece. The colors we prefer are Red / White / Black / Gray. This is going to be the signage used for a Children's Day Care along with all branding. 

This logo needs to look more for children. lets change the colors to primary colors and see if we can come up with something nicer. 

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  • About #46, @Leandrovallejos you are the winner. i am trying to figure out how to pay you.
  • The proposed logo show 3 puzzles in floating and lively #80
  • Hope you like it #78
  • Regarding Entries #76 and #77: Puzzle piece has elements of letters H, L, and C. Typeface choices relate the Hudson Learning Center logo to the Kids Academy logo using two variations of a standard modern bold sans-serif. The official look is achieved with a geometric, condensed font, the playful look is acheived with it's cousin style: a hand-drawn bold sans-serif. Colors are up-to-date, contemporary, and easy to read on a sign, shirt, or letterhead.
  • Greetings. Please see both files - one for each logo you requested. I will send a note with a description of the idea behind these designs. #77
  • Greetings, please see both files - one for each logo design you requested. #76
  • I hope you like this design more than the last, I changed the font as you suggested and made a few other adjustments that I believe help the new font. #58
  • This is on the right track. I am reviewing with partners and will give you more feedback later on today. #46
  • I hope you like it
  • too colourfull? #47
  • This design features a puzzle piece that is also a stylized "H". Let me know your thoughts - thanks! #45
  • After looking at your concept I made a few alterations obviously but I'm hoping you like it. #44
  • @michael6 hi, suggestions would be welcome #25
    • @InfiniteDesign like the design, hate the font

  • Logo idea. Hope you like it. Good luck #37
    • @intechnology headed in the right direction

  • Feel free to give any suggestions that you feel will help you get the end product you are looking for. #38
  • Please see pic i added. (PP) short for puzzle piece.
  • I decided to have some fun with the puzzle piece :)

    I think this is a great logo for kids! #34
  • This logo needs to look more for children. lets change the colors to primary colors and see if we can come up with something nicer.