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Winning design #125 by maxx, Logo Design for Hoboken-bar.net Contest
Gold Medal

designed by maxx

Project description

Thank you to all of your great designs, they were good...but there can only be winner.  We will be running some additional contests in the near future and hope you all will compete.  Thank you again for your work.

We have received some really great work and would like to thank all that have submitted your ideas.  It's time to make a decision and at the end of this week we will be selected a winner.  Good Luck, we're excited to see the new look of Hoboken-bar.net!  

Looking to jazzy up an existing local website that caterings to the bars & pubs for Hoboken, NJ.  We are looking for a new logo that will be use on a relaunching of a whole new website.  We are long time trusted mainstay web resource (over 18 years) that provides our users the details on the local bar scene (over 80 bars in a square mile).  We are open to all new ideas, color scheme, etc. Current site is www.hoboken-bar.net

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  • Is it possible to put Hoboken-bar.net on the top and move Bar Network to below? #108
    • @Therica Thanks for the feedback. I made corrections as you suggested #125.

  • Hi Ch, thanks for your comments. Please see my entry #117. Please let me know your comments. Thank you.
  • This is much better, easier to read the H B N #98
  • I like the H B N in the logo. This pretty good.
  • About #107, @maxx same comment as the other one
  • Hello. I hope you like my entry. Thank you for posting this contest. Best regards, sir. #115
  • Dear organizer. I provide logo option with a foam cap on letters of bars. #74
    • Dear organizer employed #101 and #99 according to your wishes.

  • We do have the URL HobokenBar.net, but have always used Hoboken-bar.net more for a design purpose. Do you think you could work the "-" into this one? #86
    • About #86, @Therica Hi, here's the design with "-" please let me know you comments thank you.

  • About #70, @rezawawan1976 Can you work the URL into this one - Hoboken-bar.net?
  • need the holes in the letters "BAR" #74
  • Like this one best from your designs #75
  • I think you need to the holes in the "B" #78
  • This is my design concept. #80
    • About #80, @SinghDesign007 I agree!

  • Not seeing the connection to this logo and Hoboken-bar.net #82
  • About #84, @safira Why are we concentrating on the "B". Maybe on the "H"
  • About #93, @CreativeNative1 not professional enough
  • About #88, @pandor Not bad....need to think about this one
  • About #87, @sikdesigns Very interesting.....I like the use of the clock tower
  • About #86, @xckel Liking this one.
  • bottle opener and "H" in one logo) hope you will like idea!) #82