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Winning design #27 by graphman, Logo Design for Hoffmann's Homies  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by graphman

Project description

Needing to create a t-shirt for a pro-golfer (we are his fan club). This will be a t-shirt with a design on the front and back. 

I have some images and sayings I want included in the t-shirt designs. Main colors should be black, white, and Oklahoma State orange. The golfer's image can be his face only, face and shoulders, or face, shoulders, and arms. Some background: The golfer went to Oklahoma State University and is a pilot who owns a plane.  

Front: Golfer's face/image with the saying "Hoffman's Homies". Golfer should be wearing an oversized orange cowboy hat. I'm open to leaving the placement of the copy up to you as opposed to me art directing exactly where everything should live. 

Back: The Oklahoma State University mascot wearing an oversized orange cowboy hat in a cartoon style airplane. The saying "Sky's the Limit" should be incorporated in. Open to any other cute ideas - for example having a set of golf clubs sitting in the back seat of the plane. 

Note: Open to other cartoon planes (doesn't have to be from the two I provided). 


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  • the top arrow point to the person who wear it witch is a fan #34
  • Hope you like it. #33
  • I hope you like this design If you have any suggestion than kindly suggest us .
    Ume #30
  • the back #29
  • Hi,

    Here is my designs, please check and let me know what you thinking.

    Abu Hilmi #28
  • Here is the plane with the OSU added. Thanks #27
  • @billy420s Thanks for the ratings. Do you have any suggestions or requests for me? #15 #16 #21
    • About #21, @graphman
      can u make tail osu instead of o thanks

  • the full design;
    left> Front
    Right> Back

    Many thx :) #25
  • Over white t-shirt :)

    Thx #24
  • Wish u'll like it :)

    Thx #23
  • Can u add hoffman's homies. Thanks #2
    • About #2, @billy420s Would you like it on the front? under the face?