Holiday Lighting Heroes

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Winning design #132 by epzz, Logo Design for Holiday Lighting Heroes Contest
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designed by epzz

Project description

Logo development for holiday lighting brand.
Team of people that provide all your holiday lighting needs. The main time of year for servicing is Christmas but  also offer lighting services including taking down and storage all geared toward the outside of your home for other holidays.

Audience:  Trending higher in household income, affluent, professional.   Home value skewing higher, prospective consumers will likely tend to cluster into similar neighborhoods.  Socially conscience, 30 to 65 age range skewing somewhat female.

How should we make people feel:  Safe, warm, relaxed, nostalgic, aspirational, proud, affluent, confident that they’ve chosen the right service provider.

What are our values and beliefs:  Integrity, quality, professionalism, and trust.  Customer satisfaction should come first and we should always be reliable and safe.

 If the brand were a person, who would it be:  George Clooney and Tom Hanks with a very small hint of Bill Murray and only the good qualities of Clark Griswald

Brand benefits we want customers to associate with the brand:  Professional, reliable, tasteful organized, fair price/high value, safe.

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  • Dear Sir
    please check this version .
    Thanks #134
  • Dear Sir
    please check this version .
    Thanks #133
  • feedback About #112, @SDBrush
  • please check my design.. thanks #93
  • please check my design.. thanks #93
  • Here you go #93
  • About #85, @sirikbanget123 Is there any way to make the 0 in Heroes a Christmas wreath
    Also, we like the revisions on the hero image, is it possible to include a silo or another hero directly behind, preferably a woman - we would like to show it as a team of people if possible
    • @erikadecina Sure.. no problem.. seems like ive run out the time, but ive make the change.. dont know how to post the revision that i make..

  • 2nd #85
  • About #79, @sirikbanget123 Can you make the light bulb look more like a Christmas/holiday light
    Can the arm be less straight out and more level over the type
  • About #83, @mahdiduri37 can you make this more Christmas - maybe make the shape behind him a wreath and show more of the light he is holding
  • Hope you like it! Thank you. #80
  • 1st #79
  • About #73, @Bunyai yes i will try it, and give my best.
  • see the mask. I combine plane and place mark (representation traveling) to draw the mask #77
  • I added 2 logo examples. We are looking for a "hero" figure, and something that ties in the holidays. Red, green and blue colors are best.
  • I added 2 logo examples. We are looking for a "hero" figure, and something that ties in the holidays. Red, green and blue colors are best.
  • Is it possible to have the light look more like a holiday light than a light bulb. The image of the superhero would need to be larger.
    Also, we would prefer holiday colors like red, green and blue
  • please feedback my design #73
  • please feedback my design #72
  • the best one , it is looking luxury for logo store, etc #71