Holistic Dog Trainer's School Needs a Progressive Design!

Thank you SO much, DesignContest! I appreciate how professional, easy and and affordable you are! We are SO HAPPY with our design and will use you again in the future!

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Winning design #224 by ThaysSN, Logo Design for Holistic Dog Trainer's School Needs a Progressive Design! Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ThaysSN

Project description

We are not sure and open to ideas. We were initially had various ideas about incorporating... a tree a crest a clicker We were thinking modern and simple, yet holistic...friendly, yet scholarly in nature. Thanks!

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  • lotus flower already in use, the idea/concept has been used, please check and make sure your entries are not like another designers idea/concept
  • lotus flower has already been in use, please check the entries to make sure your entry is not like another designers idea/concept
  • Slight tweak on the 'academy' plus a variation on the strapline.
  • Nose and tail highlighted which relates to the strap line.
  • Nose and tail highlighted which relates to the strap line.
  • Dear CH, I just realized I put Company instead of Academy.. my mistake =)
  • This is nice but looks like the dog is graduating, but it will be a person graduating from the school. Thanks!
  • Same concept as 63 but just a white silhouette over the overlapped colours. The colours could be used to denote different subjects throughout any printed literature. ie RED: discipline, GREEN: handling, etc etc
  • The colours represent different subjects that are taught and they overlap to make the 'whole dog'.
  • Dear Contest Holder, Please give your feedback to my design #61. Thank You.
  • @wonderpuppy: thank you for liking my design! i made some changes and added 3 new options, hope you like one of them and love to hear your comments again, designKB
  • About #54 - re-submission of #37 without background along with new submission of #53.
  • Hi CH, I made the changes to #32 (now #51). And thanks for your compliments on #31, I totally see where you are coming from! Also submitted a totally new, yet simple look, hope you like!
  • Please resubmit your entry without a background. We do not allow the use of background colors or gradients unless specifically requested by the contest holder.
  • #41 #42 Made an emblem with a dog wearing a graduation toga and a medal. I want the dog to feel first class. #41 has a four-leaf clover at the background that brings luck. Chose the colors white, brown, light blue and yellow gold for simplicity and professionalism. Hoping you'd consider it an option, thanks!
  • This is by far the closest to what we are looking for. Could you please do a couple of variations of this one? Maybe one without the background shadow, one with the words inside the circle a little bolder, and different colors? We love it!
  • This would use this look in a heartbeat if the logo were for a boutique pet product and I love the font. Unfortunately, it just doesn't look like a career school logo. But I do love it!
  • I like the font and black and white better. Could you do one without the dog smile and without the tree? Then, I will show it to the team and see what they rate it. Thanks!
  • Dear contest holder, I removed the cropped ears and thank you for your comments, looking forward for your feedback and Thank you For your time.
  • Could you try this with a little more artsy or elegant look but keeping the modern simplicity? Perhaps in a different green? More alive and soft. Thanks!