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Winning design #131 by joan_advin, Logo Design for Home Buy RI Contest
Gold Medal

designed by joan_advin

Project description

We are a Real Estate Sales Team of 3 agents in the State of Rhode Island in the United States. We are looking to incorporate a trident, anchor, or nautical compass, into the design.  It needs to be bold and serious. Our Team Name is HomeBuyRI because our website is www.homebuyri.com.  If you can provide an example in a dark background in white, and vice versa, that is preferred. ONE COLOR ONLY.  


So far I like the following aspects:

#85: The entire word is laid out so the website is implied and incorporates the compass and the trident but I do NOT like the font. I prefer all large and small Caps.  

#59 and #60: I really like the different type of trident on these. I do NOT like the wording in the circle. If you could use the trident in a way and accompany it with the text, “HomeBuyRI.com” that would look great.  

#43: I like the fonts which differentiate the word but do NOT like the logos. I do NOT require the work “Real Estate” in the logo

#74: This is sharp but needs to emphasize the 3 different words “Home”, “Buy”, “RI”  and try adding .com to the end. 

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  • Can you incorporate a trident somehow? #168
    • About #168, @danny-BOY thanks for the feedback, I will soon make design changes as you requested, greetings ....

    • @danny-BOY Dear ch, according to your request, I've made improvements to the design, please checked #215, thanks ...

  • I like your trident but there is no compass heading to take me home. #184
    • sdr

      Hi @danny-BOY compass is no problem... You can see compass and more at #212, #213

    • sdr

      @danny-BOY - You can see another alternative at #214...

  • Try removing the circle and making the trident a little more difined. #193
  • I like the thin compass heading but there is no Trident. This is an important aspect. #182
  • I would like to try removing the outer ring and making the center ring a smaller diameter to make the compass heading standout a little further. #131
  • design improvements, please feedback, thank you ... #210
  • I like the addition of the points but can you also try removing the inner braided circle somehow to show more of the compass? #131
  • sdr
    My another design... I hope you like it... Please feedback... Thank you... #184
  • sdr
    I hope you like it too... Please feedback... Thank you... #183
  • sdr
    I hope you like it... Please feedback... Thank you... #180
  • sdr
    I hope you like it, please feedback... Thank you...
  • sdr
    I hope you like it, please feedback... Thank you... #178
  • hello, submitted a design that I would appreciate any feedback on.
    Janoo #175
  • Please check, #171
  • Please check #169
  • Hi, plz rate and feedback #162
  • Please check #160
  • I'm really looking forward to your updates on my earlier comments. did you get them? #65
    • About #65, @danny-BOY goodDay this is your first comment that i recieve. please resend your revision. thankyou soomuch for your feedback

    • @danny-BOY Hi goodday Ch just want to know why im eliminated? from rank 1 to eliminate? im so sad for the feedback and the result. i dont even receive your comment for revision.

  • How about this? #132
  • how about this? #127