Company providing consumer credit needs new elegant logo sign.

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Winning design #67 by sanjeebsks204, Logo Design for Company providing consumer credit needs new elegant logo sign.  Contest
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designed by sanjeebsks204

Project description

We are looking for really professionally and reliably looking logo. At first sight, customers should see that “Rilex půjčka” is not any fraud and they can trust us. We like minimalistic logos. We want something like this: We don’t have any idea about colors, maybe some nice green (evocative it is ok) should be nice... „Rilex“ is main brand, „půjčka“ means „loan“. Logo will appear mainly on Web, Print, Promotional Items. We need short logomanual.

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  • Dear owner of the contest in this post symbolic and minimalist in form and color, giving reliability and modernity to the company, I hope your comment thank you.
  • About #18 Marketing experts say that blue color symbolizes reliability & confidence...:)
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • does it end with a 'a' or 'y' :p . i guess the best bet is to do both :p
  • the "x" means also a house....many thanks Phslover
  • We like #1 entry. But we would like to have better typography and maybe some icon. If it will be more elaborate, sophistic, it would be perfect. Maybe little bit different colours to view alternatives would be nice too, but this is not necessary. Entry #56 is in the way we like.
  • About #72 Combination of Green&Blue at same saturation degree, eye-friendly.
  • Hi, we like your design, we would like to see modified versions. Can you make a version, where is "Rilex půjčky" in a row? Do you have some other ideas?
  • together with entry #102, #103 and #104 Dear CH, My concept shows a connection between you and your clients with the arc. Simple and clean, hope these are on the right direction.. :) Niff
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Backgrounds not allowed
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Hi Nesh. Which one is the duplicate? If you come on to Live Chat or send in a ticket, I can fix that for you. :)
  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • sry for duplicate #144 but error in letter "D I hope i wont make you mad :D
  • Hey :) Sorry for the double posting.. Forgot to uncheck the transparency checkbox :/ Hope you like #143 Best regards
  • Dear CH, I will surely send more variants asap. Thank you.
  • Hi Sanjeebsks204, thank you for your design. We would like to little bit improwe it. "Rilex" is more important than "půjčky", so "Rilex" should be more visible. Maybe "půjčky" should be thicker... Could you send me please more variant? Thank you.
  • Dear CH, I had sent you the modified logo with "půjčky" thinner than "Rilex". Is the logo ok now? I am waiting for further comments/feedback. Thank you.