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Winning design #212 by Johnmiguel, Logo Design for Home Photographer Needs a Bright and Contemporary Logo Contest
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designed by Johnmiguel

Project description

NOTE! I have changed my business name to "Prolight Home Photos".

I need a logo that will be at home with the aesthetics of my photography. The pictures I take show rooms that are stable, light-filled and spacious. Therefore, the logo should also be clean, hi-key, clear and contemporary.

I don't want anything too literal with images of houses. Rather I'd like the emphasis to be on "light"- how my photos highlight the best qualities of each house so that people will be drawn to see it in person. I'd be open to both monochromatic and colorful designs, as long as they feel modern and uncluttered. Elegant, but not fussy.

Added since the contest began:

IMPORTANT: I change my business name to "Prolight Home Photos". The logos designers have submitted so far will still fit conceptually. I may still select a winner who designed the logo with "Highlight", I'll just ask them to change it to "Prolight".

a) I don't want a logo that is too square or rectangular. I like a balanced but organic outline.
b) I like the reference to the house, but the photography aspect is really important.
c) I would like to see some designs that play on the idea of "light"
d) I want something fun! Creative and cute but simple and clean.
e)I have seen a lot of designs with a roof over the words and with a camera/house combination. Unless you can improve on execution, can you show me some new ideas? I am open to more abstract symbols of houses- doors, keys, windows, a lawn.... I am still also very interested in logos that emphasize LIGHT.

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  • About #28 I tried to make the logo look more like a camera. Also, I incorporated the house (as a reflection in the lens) from my other submission. Thanks!
  • The H as an integrated house is not working. Hard to read.
  • I'm not into the photo corners triangles.
  • I liked the lighter color in the previous version, also the text coming from the aperture/house. Can we try "highlight" and "home" being the same color and weight? Maybe even an 2nd color, like orange or blue.
  • I like the viewfinder. With the house in it. Home and Photos need to be 2 words. Can you show me this with brighter colors?
  • I like the camera and house combined. Can you work on it so they appear more integrated? Like maybe no white space between the roof and the "camera". Maybe the roof a slightly darker color? Also "highlight" need to be one color, one word. "home photos" needs to be bigger.
  • Can you make the camera more rectangular?
  • i will, I am very sorry for the miss spelling, trying to make it as you requested :D
  • Hi.. This design is about modernity and simplicity, so that messages can be easily conveyed to the public.
  • About #14 Hello! My design is a custom designed letter "h" that creates an abstract house and also a camera. Thanks!
  • hard to read
  • I like the colors but it's a little hard to read.
  • I like the colors but it's a little hard to read.
  • I like the color and style, but there is too much emphasis on the literal house. I'd like the photography aspect emphasized.
  • The circle on the roof doesn't work on this one.
  • Feels off balance.
  • I don't like the font the rectangular shape.
  • Also adjust the kerning. It looks like the spaces before and after the g are of different sizes in high and light.
  • Too heavy. I'm more interested in white backgrounds. The opening door is kinda creepy.
  • Overall too dark and heavy. Like the "twinkle" idea of the dotted i.