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Winning design #53 by ideasstudio, Logo Design for HOME4KIDS Contest
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designed by ideasstudio

Project description

We are an interior and accessories shop in Vienna Austria We need a cute and interesting Logo for our shop

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  • Dear operhal, thank you. You made the suggestion that is closer to what we would like to have. May be the background should be more bright? with dots or like macroons at the background or may be stripes? I need something bright and coll, so when the people see the logo they understand that we have cool things for kids and they are luxury. Thank you!
  • Dear CH, I'd love to get some feedback on my entry #17
  • Dear CH, I need your kind consideration and feedback for #13 Thanks
  • Dear OPERHAL I can not see your design. It's been disappeared :((((( Could you please be so kind to send it one more time??? Thank you!!!!!!!!
  • Dear all, thank you for your designs. May be i should explain more about us. Actually we are a shop and interior studio. The whole name is HOME INTERIORS the short name HOME4KIDS May be it is better to use the whole name and I would like to have LOGO more SWEET like CUP CAKES I need more BABY style and colors should be more baby - pink, blue, yellow with dots or stripes or...... Thanks in advance, Best regards,
  • Dear CH! The Theft of Designing Concepts is often habit of Top Designers, so please if you promise to avoid those designers, I promise you for the best. Therefore I will work for this Contest and I'll upload my entries soon. Thank you Regards IndiaFX
  • you are not allowed to use cliparts in logo contests The art you used is found here http://www.design1s.com/kids-icons http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/home4kids/entry/8/report/
  • About #12 please see my design #12 , i try to make it formal but with more baby shape , don't hesitate to tell me to do any change you want .. i'm waiting your comment..
  • I am agreed to work in this contest without making it BLIND. Because in the BLIND CONTEST; ... Designer Can Easily use stock Images and Cheats CH ... CH work with more that one designer and also @more than one ideas ... Update speed goes slow ... Most of the designers feel hard to understand the actual need So I appreciate an OPEN CONTEST, and if any one feel that someone is stealing your ideas than please report to DesignContest. Thank you Regards IndiaFX
  • #1 hi... could you please make this a blind contest, so that nobody can "steal" ideas ;) i hope you like my design idea.... if not i will redesign it for you!
  • About #28 please see #28 , and tell me if you like it i'm waiting your comment..
  • Dear Nina, Thanks for you kind consideration, and need your pardon if my entry is against your need and comments but my submission time your comment time was same. In previous design I've worked as per the description of your contest brief and I tried to make it more like EMBLEM. And now I have revised my design by #27 and trying to provide you More SWEET EMBLEM for you. I really need your consideration and feedback too. Thanks and Regards IndiaFX
  • Hello CH, here we are sending our proposal 25 Please, kindly, let us know what you think and all about the related changes you would like to see. Thank you. Best regards.
  • you are not allowed to use cliparts in logo contests The art you used is found here http://www.design1s.com/kids-icons _ http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/home4kids/entry/24/report/
  • Hello Designer3, Thank you. could you please make another which will be not so formal? Thank you Best regards
  • Dear indiaFX thank you. It is nice but as I've already wrote we need something more sweet Thank you! best regards
  • Dear nina1! We have deleted the Operhal`s design, because he used a clipart there http://www.design1s.com/kids-icons We do not allow designers to do it. 2 all designers - please, stop asking the contest holder to blind or unblind the contest - it is 100% his/her decision. Designers who would continue to do it - would receive an infractions. Thank you :)
  • Dear DaHippieUnicorn, Thank you. This idea is good - like a stamp, but I don't like a text style and it should be more "sweet" like a macaroon or a cake Thank you very much, best regards
  • Dear CH Please take a look at my idea #51, I hope You like it. Yours sincerely Simon
  • Dear CH! Thanks for your kind consideration and comments on my submission. It is my humble request to you that please add more description in brief if possible because as per your details you need for an emblem or character based logo. And my working is just depends on your brief and comments. I assured that I can give you the best but it also need your comments and brief too. Well you have reviewed some entries so I will try like those and hope you will like. thanks and regards IndiaFX