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I couldn't be more happy with my new logo. The designer nailed it! It was fun to see so much creativity from so many different designers and after receiving 174 entries, found my new logo. Thank you so much, I'll be a repeat customer for sure

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Winning design #133 by bysaule, Logo Design for Homecraft Logo Design Contest
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designed by bysaule

Project description

I am a general contractor / custom home builder located in the Salt Lake City, UT market. I am looking for a logo for my 2nd company building custom homes which is called Homecraft Design & Build. I noticed a design for an architect firm that was a design from this website for Thomas Weems Architects. I would like to incorporate a simple & similar design into the word Homecraft with perhaps the rest of the name "design & build" below. I am open to ideas, but I really would prefer to not have a "rooftop" theme to my logo like every other homebuilder and I would love to incorporate a similar design to that of Thomas Weems Architects in that it looks somewhat as though the name Homecraft is coming to life from a design or plan. I would prefer to not have the initials of my company used to create the logo, but rather use the word "Homecraft" (one word, not two) to create a recognizable brand. Perhaps even just part of the logo, possibly the "H" being used as a scalable smaller yet instantly recognizable aspect to our logo. I am also open to other colors, i simply just put my top choices. As far as font is concerned, I don't want anything so generic like times new roman, but not a cursive font at all. I'm thinking of somthing simple that ties in nicely with the fact that the word "Homecraft" has come to life from a design / plan. Please the example file that I've uploaded as inspiration.

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  • Hi, kindly see my concept #20 lines represent plan/design come to H letter. Thanks
  • I like the feel of what you're doing, I just don't like this design. Maybe try something totally different. Incorporate something different like something that is coming to life from a floor plan
  • In my description, I said I don't want anything that resembles a roof top
  • Hi, I've sent you this propostal #13 and I would like to know what you think and if I should change something. My concept it's all about the "brick". Hope you like it!
  • Hi Scott, I have submitted #85 for your consideration. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • Hello I have submitted #81 and #82 for your consideration. If there is anything you would like to see different please let me know. thank you
  • hello scott, pls. check out my work under #77. let me know what you think. thank you& have a great day. -friendnand
  • I really like where you're going with this. Could you compress the first part of the logo (The H) and maybe try a few different versions of this with different colors. Thank you so much
    • Thank you so much! I will post correction very soon :)

    • Dear CH, there you go, version #63 with H compressed little bit, and I also change letter A. Please let me know do you like this version. Best regards

  • Thank you for your feedback on my submissions, #37, #38 and #39. Please let me know if there are any modifications you would like to see!
  • Maybe try this concept with a less formal font and totally different colors. Thank you so much
  • Please read my description of what I'm looking for, because this isn't even close.
  • Please read my description of what I'm looking for
  • Please read my description of what I'm looking for
  • DESIGN #61 Hello, here is my design, please let me know what you think and what do you need done on it, colors can be changed.
  • Hello CH, I am sending my new proposal with a little bit diferent font and colours #56, #57, #58 for your consideration. Thanks for feedback.
  • Hello, could you please comment on my new design #55?
  • I really like this. This will be in the top running for me (top 2 or 3). The only small changes that I would ask is for the logo to the left with the H, to be slightly more narrow, like in your first design for me (#1). Also, I like what you did to change it up with the lines and all, but I really like the way the word Homecraft looks in your first design with the size & font you did. Thank you so much.
  • I really like what you've done so far, could you play around with a few options or versions of this? Possibly try something different for the logo above the text?
    • Thank you. Of course I can make some other versions, I will upload soon as possible. Best regards,

  • Hello, I am sending my proposal #28 for your consideration. Thanks for feedback. reply | "reply"
  • I really like your original design with how you did the "H". Try that with different fonts & Colors. I think the one with the black background looks amazing, I just also need an option with a white background.