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I think this was a very good experience and received a logo I am very happy with. While there were a couple of designers that fed off other designers, most of them were very creative. I would do another contest.

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Winning design #27 by cpgraphics, Logo Design for Homes InFocus Contest
Gold Medal

designed by cpgraphics

Project description

We are a real estate photography company and cater to realtors. I need a logo that stands out, is easily recognizable, looks good in black & white as well as color and looks good big or small.   I would like to incorporate the Tag line "The way Real Estate Photography should be"  .  I have marked styles below but feel free to combine the styles.  It can be a combination of picture with text etc..   What ever will convey the best message of what we do.

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  • Can you please why you eliminated me? About #52, @cp105bc
    • @cp105bc It's not personal, it just wasn't what I was looking for and it doesn't fit in with my business model.

    • @wdmgroup can you tell me what kind of business model you're looking for ?

  • Good day! Please check my work! #54
  • Hello,
    I'm really waiting for some feedback on this, please. Thank you. #49
    • @cpgraphics I really like it! Love the city scape!

    • @wdmgroup Thanks! If I can do anything more, just tell me.

    • About #49, @wdmgroup
      I saw that you eliminated my latest entry. Is there any problem? Do you like my #27 more?

  • hello ch,
    I uploaded new design #53. Hope you like it. Please feedback. Thank you..
  • hello wdmgroup,
    I uploaded new design #52. Please feedback. Thank you...
  • hello CH kindly check my new entry i hope you like it:) #50
  • Can you give me feedback on this? Thank you again. #48
  • Thank you for entering the contest. I feel there is just way too much going on here with the graphic. The name gets lost in the graphic and makes it hard to recognize. #45
  • Dear Client,
    I have start working in your contest and this is my very first entry for you to review it, Please let me know your feedback on it #45
  • That's what I was talking about. I like it. #41
    • About #41, @wdmgroup thank you very much sir:-)

  • kindly check this one also sir #42
  • hello sir he'res the font you like:) thank you for the feedback #41
  • hello sir please check this one:) sorry for all my mistake:) #40
  • @cpgraphics, I really like your style here but I think your #27 is more of what I am looking for. #33
    • @wdmgroup Ok. Thank you for your answer. I shall try to make a revision anyway. I hope that you'll find something that you really like in my work. Also, tell me if you have some new ideas.

  • About #39, @wdmgroup i'm very sorry sir i'm working on it thank you
    • @karl2013 check the text in #27, that is the way I would like to see it

  • Karl, I think you misunderstood my last comment. the tagline looked good in all caps. I would like to see HOMES INFOCUS in all caps except the H, I and the F should be bigger than the rest of the letters. #36
  • please check this one sir i hope i'm on the right direction:)
    thank you #39
  • and this one sir please check:) #36
  • kindly check this CH thanks:) #35
  • New concept.

    Please, rate it and give me some feedback. Thank you very much! #33