Hometown Proud

Barla was great to work with, very helpful with offering different options to compare so I could make a selection.

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Winning design #4 by barla, Logo Design for Hometown Proud Contest
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designed by barla

Project description

Hometown Proud is a student incentive program offered to students graduating from high school and entering any type post secondary school, whether is university or even trades technical training.

The basis of Hometown Proud is to keep in touch with our students through out their post secondary experience, sending them though encouraging emails, fun promotional items, gift cards, etc. We want them to know that we, the community as a whole, are proud of them, and to remind them that there are plenty of opportunities here should they decide to return after completing their education. 

I do not have a specific design in mind. I am open to designs and color schemes. If you have any questions in regard to your design, please post your question below!

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  • Just a quick edit: Proud, no 'n' #52
    • @TrinidySchmidt sorry my mistake. i uploaded the revision. Apreciate your feedback. Thank you #56

  • and v 2 . gve me feedback if you like it #36
  • v1 . #35
  • Clean and modern minimalistic logo. Owl-house. The idea behind the logo is that Hometown Proud is a big family home for your students. And the owl as a mascot is chosen to represent the Wisdom and Study. #34
  • We don't have mountains here, just hills, valley, rivers. #24
  • Can we switch out the sky scrapers for something else, we don't have sky scrapers here. We have hills, rivers and Northern Lights #29
  • my design hope you like it ..
  • ghjgj #9
  • Can you remove the roof off of the H? #5
  • Different colors in ''Proud''. Hope you like it :) #4
  • Can we change the color of the 'Hometown' text so it pops more? I like the blue that's there. #3
  • Thanks for your submissions! The design feels like it's geared to younger school-aged kids. #1
    • @TrinidySchmidt I agree with you on the colors being school aged. I will try a different feel and submit soon.

  • I like the 'emblem' feel to the circle surrounding the image. #2
  • I am open to different color combinations. Background on the area: Northern Rural, small communities, close knit, lots of pride in our rural communities for the all support, kindness, dedication that locals have.