Hospice Company needs Professional Design

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Winning design #299 by RodolfoMoura, Logo Design for Hospice Company needs Professional Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by RodolfoMoura

Project description

We are needing a logo for our company to use for business cards, website, brochures, etc. We would like something simplistic, easy and cost effective to replicate. Thanks!!

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  • Dear Contest Holder. - Brave Believer I have uploaded 3 Logo's, i've made it simple, designfull and meaningful. My Entries is number -> #51 , #52 , #53 Thankyou. -Christopher K
  • Dear CH , i tried some new simple work.hope you like it.
  • CH, here it is with all yellow blocks and a purple cross in it. Thanks!!
  • Try all yellow blocks with blue/purple line in the cross in the middle.
  • Looks good.
  • Dear CH, Thanks for feedback about #36, next revision i will change the font or just align logo placement same with #31. Thanks
  • Decrease the size of the yellow shadow around the mark some.
  • Looks great.
  • I don't like the mark.
  • Change font to mirror number 3
  • Increase the size of hospice & palliative care and put a small line between St Gabriels and hospice& palliative care. Put a thin blue line in the cross that allows white space too.
  • St Gabriels in blue, the mark in yellow. Hospice and palliative care in blue.
  • Turn the crosses to face front
  • Still confusing.
  • Better but not it.
  • Too much
  • This has the best mark by itself. Change the font and colors to dark blue or purple with a yellow or gold contrast. Look at number 17 font and placement.
  • I really like this. Change the colors to blue and yellow.
  • Change mark. Looks like two crosses.
  • Decrease the size of the cross and change the colors to deep purple and yellow.