Hot Rod Willy's

Love this concept and experience! Most designers were willing to provide changes right on up to the last hour, and we made a lot of requests for tweaks and changes. Will recommend this site to others.

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Winning design #91 by Jervixj, Logo Design for Hot Rod Willy's Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jervixj

Project description

Looking for a corporate logo (branding) for an automotive repair shop and classic car restoration.

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  • Can you make "Willy's" the same font as in #93? This way we can choose if we want HOTROD to be the focus or if we want Willy's to be the focus word. Thanks!!! #92
    • @Jiggs1973 Hi sir, please check entry #94 & #95 . Thank you.

  • Hi CH, please check entry #91 & #92. thank you.
  • Hi CH, I submitted new entry #89.
    • @FOCUZ See my comments on this one and #46. Just to be clear, we want the font the same size as shown here but we want the font style the same as in #46 without the wrench. And change the wording on the bottom to "Automotive Repair and Restoration". Thank you very much for your entries!

  • Actually, change the name using the same font as you used in the other one we really like for "HOTROD" and remove the wrench. Change the wording at the bottom to read "Automotive Repair and Restoration" If you can do that, I think we will have a winner #89
  • Like this one too. Can you change the direction of the wrench so the open end is over the "i" like it's the dot and the open end is off of the "D"? #89
  • Would you mind making a few changes to this one? 1. Remove the car and the small wording in white. We want to see just our name as it appears here. #46
  • We are considering this design but would like to see some changes. Please remove the car body. Make the wrench with an open end like this O===C. And change the color of the wrench to red. Correct the spelling to W I L L Y ' S #83
  • Hi jiggs, please review my #75 revision and let me know if you're interested, thanks. Have a good one.
  • cool #85
  • A couple of things and I think this one could be perfect for us! 1. Change the color to red instead of orange. Change one of the ends of the wrench to an open end so it looks something like this O-------C. And finally, correct the spelling of Wiley's to WILLY'S. #83
  • Hi jiggs. Yes, those fat back tires look neat... tell me you put a 427 motor in that thing! OK, I've enlarged the back tire, adjusted the frame and dropped the front end a bit, then redid the rims and applied a new set of shading filters. How's it look? #75
  • This is the one I'm leaning towards out of the two. One thing, any way you can make the rims inset as to show the deep dish rims? Those back tires are killer and want to show them off, otherwise it looks like just an old school truck. I appreciate your designs. #50
    • @Jiggs1973 Sure thing; sorry I hadn't replied earlier but I'd received no notification of your message.

  • please leave a comment of what you think. #73
  • Hey jiggs, this updated version of my HRW-3 mockup features a vectorized profile of your project pickup with faithful color tonalities. How about it? #49
    • @Fabio Piscicelli Ok, so this is bad ass! Excuse my language but...

    • @Jiggs1973 Hehe, I'd figure you'd dig it. Any adjustments, modifications or other layout versions you'd like to see?

  • Not really what I was thinking. Wanted the whole name "Hot Rod Willy's" in the grill. Was envisioning the grill to be more to the front with the rest of the truck tapering down or fading in the back. The hammer does not work with what we do.
  • I got rid of the flames and made it a little more subtle. I tried to implement the name into the grill. Was this the thing you had in mind or a name that covers the whole grill? Thank you! #59
  • Thanks for the entry but this one is too busy. Too much going on. #52
  • Thanks for the entry but this one is just too loud. #53
  • A lot of flames aren't really what we are in to but like the ones behind the truck here. Like the front of the truck idea. Try making the grill of the truck the focal point and our name centered in the grill. Thank you for your entries! #55
  • Hi Ch please find my First Entry #56 and let me know if you like it or for further changes Regards Qasim #56