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Winning design #133 by kwik, Logo Design for Houses Canada Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kwik

Project description

New project by the name of "Houses Canada". Will focus on helping people who want to sell their properties themselves successfully with detailed, high end online listings & signage packages as well as help on legal & "what to watch out for" aspects of for-sale-by-owner real estate. Main Part of the Logo text should be "". Still debating on tagline but it's between; "Homes in Canada for sale by owner." "The best place to find a new home in Canada." Tagline is not required but if if it can be integrated nicely, it might help. Logo will be used in print, large signage, online, etc. - so will need multiple versions so it can work with transparency against a white or grey background. Will also lean towards a designer that can also do a custom dual-sided business card design to complement the new logo for a reasonable add-on fee. We are very flexible & loose on the design of the logo as we are just past the business plan stage and starting on web design etc. Thanks in advance!

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  • Rated everything to hopefully point in the right direction, lots of brilliant work (even the lower rated stuff I really like much of, just not applicable to a wooden/chloroplast real estate sign)!
  • your entry is too much like
  • Dear Contest holder, please make it a blind contest to enhance creativity and productivity, thank you.
  • Dear CH, #41 Do you like this concept? Give me some feedback. Thanks.
  • your entry is a copy of entry 19
  • About #33 & #35: I did a new take on the logo. I used the leaf with the HC in the leaf. And then added some lines to the side of the leaf to represent the roof of the house. I only used two colors to make it simple and cheap to print on all forms of media. I hope you like it and if you would like anything changed just let me know. About #39 & #40: I did another version. Made more simple with just two colors. And then I changed the font of the Co Name to be more bold. I hope you like and if you would like to see anything else just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • About #30 This is my idea, I hope You like it, feedback is appreciated Thank you
  • About #27 & #28: I took the last version I made for you and just changed the color. I simplified the color and made it into a 3 color design. If you would like to see anything else just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Hello CH. Please tell me what do you think about #24 and #25... And i saw that on the grey background the red is a little blurry..that is because i saved the .jpeg at high resolution...if you click and see the full image will notice that there isnt any problem.. so dont worry about it.Hope you like my design.Thanks
  • Please see my design #13 #14 #15...................
  • I updated my brief to reflect a realization that minimal is better, due to the likelihood of the logo being printed on chloroplast signs & other typical real estate signage. So far #5 reflects this ideal best with large clear fonts.
  • About #6 & #7: I made the changes I moved the logo to the left of the font and made it smaller. I hope you like the changes and if you would like to see anything else changes just let me know. About #11 & #12: I did another version of the wording to the right of the logo. I stacked the name on top of each other which in turn made it stand out more "to me that was". I hope you like and if you would like to see anything changed just let me know. I'm more willing to make changes. Thanks, Squewheet Thanks For Rating And Giving Feedback! Much Appreciated!
  • I like this because I think it would work nicely on the top of a real estate sign as well as the top left of a website. Would need the .CA to be significantly more prominent though for the purposes of advertising the domain on signs.
  • I like the overall theme & feel, but need something that will work on the top left corner of a white-background real estate sign as well as on a grey background online. Also I need to append a ".ca" to the end of HousesCanada. With that said, I like the "HC" leaf/house design, but might like it better smaller & to the left of the text, with prominence given to the name & tagline. Thanks in advance, looks good!
  • About #3 & #4: I made the changes to the designs. And I've added the ".ca" to the end of your name. Hope you like and if you would like to see anything changed just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • About #1 & #2: I made one version of the logos but I used both version of your slogans and I put the second design on a white background. Hope you like and if you would like to see anything changed just let me know. Thanks, Squewheet
  • Not bad, I amended the brief most likely while you were working on this adding the ".ca" to the request for the text. (My apologies!)
  • Dear CH, Thank you for appreciating our art work, i have submitted the #128, and hope you will like it. I also want to fulfill your actual need so please guide me to do best job for you. I need your references, comments and feedback. Thank you Have a nice day ... Regards Vikram For DesktopDesigns
  • Dear CH, please also mention the colors you need. thank you
  • rate the designs please :) Hello CH, Just submitted my logos #109 and #110 Let me know if you like it :) Thanks Thiago Bellotti