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A number of designs were entered in the contest, but I did find that they were only from a handful of designers, who sent various options. I would have liked to have seen more variety. That being said, I did come out with a simple, elegant design to use for my logo. The process of getting the files was cumbersome, to say the least, as the designer I chose initially only sent the Jpeg files versus the flattened, layered, vector files, etc. So this was not a smooth process in the end... At least I have come away with something I can use, but I think I overpaid for the service.


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Winning design #33 by pluk99, Logo Design for HR Lehn Educational Consulting Contest
Gold Medal

designed by pluk99

Project description

I will need a logo that I can include in all print and online communications and materials (for letterhead, business cards, website, etc.) Since my clients are students (and their parents), it needs to have appeal to those two age groups (though usually it is the parent who is researching my services) **In reviewing my account I see that somehow the detailed description about my company, which I added when the contest started, did not save/is not here! here is a bit of a summary of that edited brief: I work with families who are seeking assistance for the child in gaining admission to university in the U.S., Canada or U.K. I have been in this work for 20 years, and pride myself on the university graduation rates and success rates of my students, who have gone on to many of the most competitive and selective institutions in these countries, including the Canadian Ivies, Ivy League, Public Ivies, and Little Ivies, other top ranked liberal arts schools, accelerated medical and dental programs, etc. I have worked with all manner of students, from strong scholars, to recruited athletes, to budding artists and musicians. Many have also received significant scholarships to attend. As far as design, I think I may have a slight preference for a crest of some type. Flexible on colours but would like to see use of some rich blues/purples, maybe reds/magentas. Like the look of old parchment..have moved my scale toward more classic than modern.

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  • Hello, here is my idea: #26 Hope you like it, please send a feedback on it. Best regards
  • interesting and sends the right message...maybe a bit too bold?
    • Alright I will change the fonts for you and slim it down a bit!

  • has a distinquished look to me, though it is fairly simple; I'm not sure about the font of the HR; not a fan of the green though I know it is current, more intense colours maybe deep blues/royal blue/indigo
  • second thoughts...the font is too bold as well, perhaps I was looking for something more "frilly"? or feminine, but strong; again, I like the book idea
  • like the book idea; this has potential, but isn't quite the final form for me; colours aren't right
  • while a couple of others commented that they think that's a fountain pen, I couldn't tell...just didn't do it for me, and the colour isn't right; I know it's "current" but more intense or rich colours are maybe more what I had in mind
  • too common; if the cap is used, I'd like to see a unique presentation of it
  • a bit lacking in creative edge...but on the other hand the simplicity does the job; not sure it's exactly what I was looking for
  • too hard to distinguish at a glance
  • oops! looked right at it but didn't see it...yes, I do like the graphic to the left as you have it on the bottom of the it common for a logo to be used in slightly different ways like that? i.e. if I used the vertical version on my website and the horizontal on my letterhead/business cards?
    • Thank you for your positive feedback CH, in fact that's an alternative layout design, but it's up to you to decide my layout that you like. Thank you.

  • love this one too...great colours, graphic...just a matter of whether I go with the plainer font or the other (or something in between)
    • thanks for feedback,this update new font..i hope you like it

  • oooh! That's good too! keep 'em coming you are so on the right track and thank you for your persistence
  • How do you think the graphic might look to the left of the name?
  • now that I have eliminated some and narrowed it down, this has appeal to me...though the graphic with the grad/student coming out of the book feels inspiring...
  • like this idea, but maybe try different fonts and no red or different red, prefering does the background/watermark image work on printed materials?
  • love this...colours, design ,etc....
  • love the colours/ great overall if I choose to go with this type/no graphic image
  • Really like this one a lot - best of what you have sent so far and one of the best overall for me..
  • just doesn't work for me
  • I like the simplicity of this, but in the end a bit too minimalist