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Winning design #243 by Buffy, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by Buffy

Project description

Create a logo focused on energy and medical healing. Heart Centered Rebalancing helps aid clients all over the world who suffer from depression, anxiety, trauma, and other ailments, * all through different energy healing techniques. Some potential focuses for the logo could include...chakras, energy, sacred geometry.

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  • I think we are getting there. Anyway you could fill in the out blue part solid? Would like to see what that looks like. Thanks! #168
    • Hi @sean_suddes, I'm ready to submit the variation, but need you to reopen the contest. Thank you very much.

  • Thank you for the feedback, posting logo revision of design #204 #235
  • Hope you like it! #234
  • Very cool design, I would like to see what it looks like if you replace the hearts on the outside with something else, and maybe add a small heart to the center? Thanks! #183
  • Great design! I would like to see the boarder changed a bit. Instead of just being an exact circle maybe add some flower pedal sort of design to the outside so it pops a bit more. #197
  • Love it! But I would like to see the center with the orange reworked a bit. Im ok with it being more simplistic but I would like to see the thin circle lines changed to something a bit more designed. Maybe something like ornate flower pedals? #204
  • Does it meet the brief? Does this represent your core brand values? #209
  • sdr
    You can see 12 persons around the red heart... I hope you like it! #201
  • sdr
    I hope you enjoy...
  • sdr
    Chakras, Energy and sacred geometry... I hope you like it.. #199
  • Feedback appreciated. #194
  • Cool design, could i the green switched with a burnt orange color? Maybe something close to FF8000 #89
    • @sean_suddes i done all the changes. please take a look #189, #190, #191.

  • kindly check this one:)
    thank you #187
  • hello sir kindly check my logo proposal to your company i hope you like it
    thank you:) #186
  • dear CH, take a look.. #182
  • Cool design....Id like to see the middle design on the inside of the logo the green chakra color, and the 2 outside rings in a sort of burnt orange if possible. Like the design, just want the colors reworked a bit. #134
    • About #134, @sean_suddes
      dear CH, thanks for feedback,

      I will return my design revision ..
      best regards me..

  • Awesome design, I would like to see the lines be a bit bolder, and could yo please have the middle be burnt orange and the outside be a bit different blue? Maybe use html color code, 2173EF, and see what that looks like please. #109
    • Hi @sean_suddes, Please check #168 and #170 for the variations and let me know if you need any more variations. Thank you.

  • Cool design, I would like to see it in a sort of burnt orange if possible. i like the design just please rework the color. #142
    • About #142, @sean_suddes will do Sir, glad to hear from you. T^hank you

  • The idea of the log
    Kaleshvara - deity rules over time. Calms the flow of thoughts, reduces sensory stimulation. When we are so complacent, thinking slows down, the gap between them increases, which allows to listen to intuition, a notice something new, to find new solutions. Mudra improves memory and ability to concentrate. #162
  • Cool design, I would like to see the outside hearts reworked into ornate flower pedals, or something like that. Or you could cut the tops off the hearts and fill in with color, that might look good. Also could i see some different colors, it looks too much like christmas colors. Maybe burnt orange and green? #110