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Winning design #41 by senadneslan_juventus, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by senadneslan_juventus

Project description

We need a logo for our radio show The Money Hour Radio.  Show is about investing and finances.  

Looking for a clean image.

Use an image with money / stock market / money growth, like the Added  Files.

Please See Added Files!! 

Please See and Use our Added Logo!!

Use our color codes listed.  Need full color and a transparent logo in jpg, tif, and png.

Thank you!! 

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  • please check it and feedback #49
  • Hello sir ... please check, if you still need more designs please feedback, thank you

  • Good morning, We love this one. Can you keep this one.

    We would like to adding more space between RADIO and the Piershale logo - (maybe make it a little smaller).

    Also can you try another one by moving the Presented by Piershale to the right side to add more balance?

    We would like to see all 3 as options and select the final.

    Our team likes your logo the most - great job! #30
    • @Pier001 Thanks!!Good morning.I have changed design like you wanted. I hope that everything is ok now?All the best!

    • @senadneslan_juventus Awesome, I'll show the team and get back to you as soon as they pick the final option, much appreciated!!!

    • @Pier001 Thanks agen,all variations can be sent to you You do not have to worry about choosing it!All the best!

    • @senadneslan_juventus Okay, thank you. Would we be able to have the logos in full color and transparent in jpg, tif and png?

    • @Pier001 yes all format vector and transparent(Ai,png,eps.pdf,jpg,tif-cmyk and RGB color mode)

    • @senadneslan_juventus perfect, thank you!

      Just picked our favorite, thank you very much and can't wait to receive the logo.

  • I hope you like it.. #39
  • Circle version of my previous entry #35
  • Dollar sign (Money) in the shape of an hour glass (Hour) #34
  • @Pier001 ! Hello sir hope you like this design.
    If you need any changes in it please let me know . Thanks
    sunnyali #32
  • This is a nice one, thank you - I'll share this one with our team #28
    • @Pier001 thank you sir..

  • Hi, not a huge fan of these, sorry. #23
  • Thank you, I'll show the team both options. #20
    • @Pier001 Your welcome, looking forward to your positive reviews. Please don't forget to rate. Thank you.

  • This is my revision sir ... please feedback, thanks
  • The background is a little too dark, like the main image with the silver lettering. The headset is more for a call center and not for a radio show like a microphone would be. Looking for a little more clean and brighter with our blue and grays - hope that helps. #19
    • @Pier001 ok sir thank you for feedback..

  • Like this one, keep this one as it is.

    Can you make another one and add an image of money either a $100 bill or $ symbol in silver too.

    But keep this one. #13
    • @Pier001 thanks for your comments and suggestions, can you please rate my design. Thanks again.

    • @Pier001 I just add the image you've asked for my first entry here's my revision #20, also please rate/comment so i can improve. Thank you

  • Hello sir.. please check my revision, if any change i'll ready, thank you :)
  • Hi, not the color or look we are going for. #16
  • Dear sir,
    As your requirement i submit the design. i hope you like this design. if you want any changes please sent me a feedback . i can do the best design for you. thank you. #16
  • Little too plain, but thank you #6
  • About #10, @Raj21
    Thanks, it’s too busy of an image and we would like to use our logo and our colors for the wording also. Similar to the uploaded files, open to ideas similar
  • Thanks, The words get a bit lost in the image, and it needs a more clean look. Maybe using the silver dollar sign with the graph and changing up the words The Money Hour Radio some how. And need a more square logo so it looks good on a screen. #11
  • Hello @Pier001 :) Please check my design #8, thank you :)
    • @Mahendra_Mahe Can you also create one to look like the silver dollar sign image and graph, we would like to see both types of images and pick the best one.

    • @Pier001 I cannot make this presentation, Sir, because I don't have the original image. Please attach this too or give us a link to this image, thank you :)

    • @Mahendra_Mahe I did a google image search, I’ll see if I can upload it and try.

    • @Pier001 Okay Sir, I will searching another image similar with this one :)

    • @Mahendra_Mahe

      this is where I found it:

      Guessing there is copyright issues so if you can create something similar that wouldn’t be a copyright issue?

      Also googled silver dollar sign images:

    • @Pier001 Please check #11, We just used this image only for presentation, Sir. The core of this contest is a logo which we created. :)