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Winning design #170 by kwik, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kwik

Project description

We are looking for a modern take on the DRIVEIN CINEMA experience. We like Fast & Furious and the modern stars and stripes american look. We do NOT want 50's inspired layouts/looks. 

Added 071216: Logo should contain Drive-in Bio ... The logo may contain tagline on locations 1) Lynge 2) Billund.

Added 091216: New picture added of the New England patriots logo. We like this direction of "emblem" and their complete design of letterform and emblem together. Font is to old school. 
Emblem works alone and the Letterform works alone.

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  • About #181, @ruizmoises_m
    Very nice. could you try to make this logo with the Swush as in i. And try to make it in Black, silver, carbon. Good job
    • About #181, @marc2 Thank you, yes, of course you can make the required changes, but unfortunately the expiration of the contest time.

  • Hello Marc2
    Here is my design for your project. #192
  • About #161, @kwik It looks very good. But do you think you can make the letters even more visible tham they are now.
    • About #161, @marc2 Check new update marc, hope you like.Thanks n Regards

    • Hi @marc2 , i think i'm first using concept swoosh in "i". why do you tell other designer to using my concept?

  • About #182, @ruizmoises_m @marc2
  • About #188, @ruizmoises_m @marc2
  • Please check/ #186
  • Hope you like it #183
  • Please, some recommendation to improve the proposal #181 @marc2
  • hI! @marc2, #181 ready for your feedback
  • ready for your feedback #163
  • About #151, @kwik
    Nice. Can you try to make the background black. Thanks
    • About #151, @marc2 Please check new update. i hope you like. thanks

  • This is good. Please try to play with this colours.
    Black, Silver, white, Dark Grey and Graphite. And try also to make the Swush stand alone as a LOGO also in different colours. Good work:-) #140
  • raa
    New option for your consideration #144
  • About #114, @kwik Could you try to but the star on top of the i, in Bio. And try to work with some 3D effect or shadows on the letters.
    • About #114, @marc2 Thanks for feedback. i will update this design soon

    • About #114, @marc2 please check my update

  • hi,please check my design #134,#135,#136,#137,#138.
  • Simple, memorable and eyes cathing look design inspired by fast-furious series logo and hidden star between E and In. Dynamic expression. If you need any changes - please feel free to ask. #131
  • Please feedback. thanks #120
  • raa
    Revised option per your request. #112
  • Could you try to work with the Swush, so i more look like a road to Drive in Bio #98
    • raa

      Yes. Stay tuned. Thanks.

      About #98, @marc2

  • Could you try with blue letters? #93