Hue and Lustre

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Winning design #6 by clairedevine, Logo Design for Hue and Lustre Contest
Gold Medal

designed by clairedevine

Project description

Logo for new website (hue and selling automotive and industrial paints, spray guns, spray equipment, abrasives, masks, overalls, gloves and other bodyshop/car repair consumables. Hue and lustre are references to the colour and shine of a car (or other painted item).

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  • We really like this! However, we're not sure that the spray can is the right item - most customers will use a spray gun (from sata for example) rather than can. Also, from a purely layout perspective, it's wide and short - something more square might fit on a website better?
    • I will try. In the meanwhile, thanx for your high rate and appreciation! I must say that my very first attempt was the whole spray can (in vertical) and the name as the label :) Regards, see you tomorrow. Pedro67

    • Hi. added #16. I have put the spray gun and I have "de-orizontalized" the design :) Is it better for you? regards, Pedro67

  • Thanks but not really what we're looking for. Too "dark" (and I don't mean just the colours)
  • This looks interesting - it it supposed to be hand-drawn pot of paint? If so, it isn't clear enough. But the colours and the layout are promising.
    • Thanks. Its a cap of spray can. Ill try another design.

  • I like the energy of this design, but it lacks colour (paints are the primary product to be sold). Also, the tyre mark might make this too automotive - we have industrial customers too.
  • Nice! Small point: lustre is incorrectly spelt
    • Thank you! Sorry! It's been corrected!! Thanks, Claire

  • Not really sure about this....font seems wrong for the design and I don't really like the shape.
  • Nice idea! Perhaps a version with some colour in it?
  • How did my design dissapear, I don't see it? I havent done anything bad.
    • Was yours the one with the wall in it? I don't know where it's gone - it wasn't me. Perhaps you should contact designcontest?

    • yeah that one was mine, btw I got it reuploaded. They said I cannot use stuff like that background for showcase. But however I uploaded new one. If you'd like to see more color variables please let me know.

  • I like the concept and this graphic behind the & is much better. Is the font available in WOFF and other CSS formats?
    • It's available in ttf not woff. I wouldn't recommend using it in long text terms because it's not readable in smaller size.

    • I was thinking about it for headings

    • Yeah it would definitely look nice on headings. It's a modern and not much graffiti like font, fits minimalistic designs perfect. :)

  • It would be nice to see this with: a) A similar font, but one that can be used in CSS on website (or perhaps this one can?) b) The paint spot looking a little less like a jelly fish!
    • |--|

      john11 {*wrote*}:
      It would be nice to see this with: a) A similar font, but one that can be used in CSS on website (or perhaps this one can?) b) The paint spot looking a little less like a jelly fish!
      |--| It's my font, you can use it. I'll try to make better splatt.

    • uploaded different splatters as requested. I can try other styles if you want as well. I don't know what you really think about the whole concept.

  • Hi - Which font is this? Is it available to use in CSS on a website?
    • Hello there Dear CH, thank you for your feedback! Its font called Zag Bold, from what i saw you need written permission from font author to use them on website. Search them on fontfabric there is licence for them.

  • Preferred the coloured version on black
  • Well done for using colour and shine in the logo, but this one isn't for us. Sorry.
  • Is there going to be an update on this one? If the cap idea was clearer (we don't want everyone asking why we've got a top hat as a logo), this might be the winner!
  • Hi Pedro - I didn't mean to eliminate #56 - trying to get it back!
    • Don't worry, if you let me win :D Maybe can I re-submit it for you? Regards

    • Resubmitting would be good - thanks. Actually, I didn't make myself clear enough before. I didn't mean lots of different coloured versions, I meant one version with different colours in it (eg bottom row green, top red red etc). Also, could you find space for a .com in there (ie Hue & Lustre .com ) Thanks!

    • All right then! I'll paint and submit the new one :) Thanks. Seeya

    • Hi john11. Posted #57 with color spectrum. Hope you'll like it :) Hugs

  • Is it possible to see this on black, but with a spectrum of colours in the graphic rather than just green? Also with Paint and Consumables as the sub heading. Thanks
    • of course yes :) I'll try some in a little time. Thanx 4 feedback. Bear Hugs

  • Is it possible to see this in a bigger version? It's hard to see what's going on.
  • Dear CH, please be so kind and check my design #30 best regards
  • Dear designer, the court decided it's a copy. Please be more original.
  • Thanks for any feedback about #86. If you don't like the colors i can change it.