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We are extremely happy with the end result provided by DesignContest. The simplicity of uploading the information to the website and the quick design responses we received was amazing!!! We would recommend DesignContest to anyone in need of a design or logo. Fantastic service and a special thanks to the winning designer fridaybless. Great job!!!

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We are a commercial architectural/Interior design firm. Three of us Joe Hughes, Matt Turner & Susan Phillips just bought out the old company Herring Troy Associates on January 1, 2014. We are looking for a new logo. We will also go by the initials HTP. Under the old company we used a green color (PMS 7495) in the logo. The green does not need to be the dominate color in the design. Originally, it was to accent the majority owner of the company, but now each partner has equal shares. We would like to incorporate that color into the new logo if possible, but don't feel as though you have to be tied to it. I attached the existing company logo below. We are located in Atlanta, GA. (the Buckhead area). Feel free to incorporate the HTP initials as well.

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  • Hello Contest Holder, Please excuse the error of the mistaken initials in my previous entries. It was a silly oversight. Consider entries #4, #5, and #6 instead. Here I try and focus on the idea of interiors first with the house-frame cast-shadow; then with an abstraction of initials inside the circle, dot outside; and finally with a representation of a door symbol, as in an architecture plan. Thanks for the consideration, Victor
    • I really like #5. I will discuss with my partners tomorrow morning. Great job. #4 looks to much like a design firm in Atlanta Veenendaalcave. See link

  • Hello Contest Holder, I've uploaded entries #2 & #3 for your consideration. The idea is that of color guide strips being fanned out in such away that they resemble a window, to try and tie in architecture and interior design. I used the green mentioned as a platform from which to get shades for this effect. Hope you like it. Do let me know what you think, and whether you'd like to see any changes. Thanks, Victor Fdez
    • I recently updated the brief, take a look at it. Originally the green color was used to accent the 51% owner, but now we all own equal shares. The green does not need to be the major color, it can be an accent. You don't have to represent architecture in the design. Try to keep it simple and recognizable. This logo will appear on everyone of our drawing sheets. Also, the initials are HTP not HTC.

  • Dear CH, I have just uploaded #1 and I would like to know if I am heading in the right direction and what to improve on. Regards, ccsmoon
    • Sorry, wrong direction. It needs to be simplified. A little less green. The green was originally used to highlight the name Troy which was 51% owner. Not that there is a majority partner now, but the green should be an accent. Maybe focus on the first letter of each name somehow. Each partner owns 1/3 of the company. So each name is equally important in the design.

  • Respected sir, I have submitted entries #10, #11 and #13. kindly go through it and leave a feedback. Thanks, Meg
    • We like #10, but would like to see a few changes. Change the color in (4) squares to green. Change the letter htp to black without the "divde" in the letters. Also add Architectural/Interior Design.

    • Respected sir, I will submit design with all changes you have mentioned.

    • Respected sir, i have submitted design #33 with changes you have suggested. kindly go through it . i have made one more with few changes .. if yu can delete #11 and #13 then i can post new entry.

    • Deleted #11 and #14 per your request. Can you revise #33 to show the htp initials without the "white vertical divide" in the letters?

    • sure sir, I will revise it as per your suggestion. Thanks

    • i have submitted revised design #51 as per your suggestion. Thanks, Meg

  • We like to architectural lines. Can you make the T more prominent and maybe not rotate it. It appears as HP.
    • Dear CH, thank you for your feedback. I made changes so please check #52 and let me know what you think. Best regards

  • Hi, I'm from Brazil any feedback about my entry #46 Thank you
    • the partners are interested in what they see so far would you mind adding Architecture & Interior design below the Hughes Turner Phillips?

  • Hi Contest Holder, I have submitted entry #26 . Please leave a feedback on what you think. Thanks, Ankur
    • Sorry, not the look we are going for. The triangle and the circle does not work for us. It needs to be bold and stand out.

  • Hi, #28 is my first draft proposal, shown in a few possible color and layout combinations. I'm ready for your feedback and requests.
    • I will review with the other partners, thank you.

  • Dear contest holder, I submitted entry #32 and it contains three similar logos. I would love any feedback on what I can do to create something which may better suit the needs of your company. Thanks, Shane
  • Hi Contest Holder, I have submitted entry #12 #16. Please leave a feedback on what you think and anything you want to change. Thanks, Akash
    • Seems a bit to commercialized. We are looking for more of a professional logo.

  • Can you make the initials larger in the box and could give us different options for the colors in the box/intials (green box w/black lettering, black box w/white lettering, green box w/white lettering)? Also under Hughes Turner Phillips it needs to read Architectural/Interior Design.
  • Dear Ch, I have listened to some of your feedback and have came up with a few more designs #24, #23, #22, #21 and #8. Feedback is helpful so that we can improve them to match what you are looking for. Regards, ccsmoon
  • Hi CH, Could you please check my entries #74 and #75 and let me know what do you think? your feedback will help thank you
  • GoodDay jhughes Please rate my work Draft no. #66 Thankyou in advance -menggo
  • Could you add Architectural/Interior Design beneath Hughes Turner Phillips
    • Here is my entry #63 with the requested changes. I wait a feedback Thank you.

  • Here is my entry #63 with the requested changes. I wait a feedback Thank you.
  • Can you please add Architectural/Interior Design under Hughes Turner Phillips
  • hello i have submitted design #92 . Please take a moment to review and offer suggestions. Thank you!
  • Hi again, I've added #87 Again, I can make changes if you like. I think the orange could be a great color but I can go back to green if you prefer. Just feedback if you are interested in #86 or #87 and I'll be able to make a final version with the changes Thanks -Marc-O
  • Hi jhughes, I've submitted my design with some variation. #86 If there's one you prefer I could do some modifications accorded to your further expectations.