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I found this experience using very satisfying. It was easy to use and I was very impressed with how many designs were generated that I was able to choose from.

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Winning design #81 by bedesign, Logo Design for Human Fuse Personal Training Contest
Gold Medal

designed by bedesign

Project description

We are a personal training company that focuses on improving performance, particularly athletic performance. We are looking for a design that emphasizes our mission statement: Ignite Your Potential Think dynamic, powerful and athletic themes. Also anything involving the themes of explosiveness, ignition, lift-off, or even things like dynamite I have been contemplating re-branding to Human Fuse Strength and Conditioning. This could also be Human Fuse SC.

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  • I like this. could you change it too strength and conditioning or just conditioning instead of personal trainig
  • Nice but a little too comic book.
  • Dear rgibney, Here are my first entries #12, #13 and #14. I was aiming at a typical retro sporty logo that is also professional and would work well on the web, print and Tshirts etc. The colours can be swapped about. I tried an explosive orange colour and then some more retro sporty colours. Fuse lit in the middle or to the side. Kind regards, Liz
  • This is awesome. Would I be able to see one with a white background
  • This is awesome. could you do the same one with Strength and Conditioning instead of personal training
  • I like the concept. could you do a similar figure but without the weight in his hands
    • About #24 Revisions made may have another version a bit later Thank You

  • I like the idea of the fuse being lit and attached to the writing but the writing style is too classic. I'd prefer a modern looking font
  • I like this a lot more
  • Could you do this one with a sprinter or another athletic looking figure instead of a diver
  • dear CH,, do you have suggestions for my designs?? #36, #30. thanks.
    • I really like your designs. I'm on the fence between going for something muscular and dynamic like yours or something more abstract. Could do one with a vitruvian man like character in the circle for comparison?

    • dear CH,, would you like to give me suggestions about my new entry..thanks.

  • I'd like to see the tag line, "ignite your potential" added.
  • Do you have any comments or questions about my designs?
    • Hi I think your design is nice but not the direction I'm looking for. I'm looking for crisp clean lines. Athletic looking but not comic book or superhero

  • Will all the different styles of poses some of you still have to copy what someone else has already done... Even better those are the ones that get rated...Please be more original..
  • This is awesome. Could you do one with a slightly different font for the "ignite your potential". I do like the cursive idea.
    • Thanks for your feedback, I've just uploaded a version with a different font. Just let me know if you want to see any other variations or fonts.