Humboldt Medicine Man

i had a great experience with DesignContest. i found the website to be easy to navigate and the designers to be very creative and responsive to my input. I was treated like a respected collaborator in my design. I will recommend this website to anyone looking for design work.

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Winning design #112 by Rios, Logo Design for Humboldt Medicine Man Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Rios

Project description

Medical and organic cannabis farm and wholesale  business selling cannabis products legally in the state of california

Looking for a logo incorporating an image of a red tail hawk and the name of the business which clear imagery

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  • hi @unityisthekey here it is #111 as you requested, thanks again.. #111
  • can you make the font and font color the same as entry number 92 #95
    • About #95, @unityisthekey sure, let me try

  • hi @unityisthekey #104 here it is on a white background #104
  • Can I see a white background on this one? #95
  • can i see this with a white background and just GOLD outlines of the design
  • Hi! Kindly check my first proposal and let me know what you think :) Thanks! :) #96
  • Can I also see a full size version of the tan colored background image? #70
  • Can you remove those cards from the image so I can see it with just the top image #70
  • Can I see this with a white background please #74
  • can you make this a white background? #61
    • About #61, @unityisthekey Ok, no problem :)

  • this with a white instead of black background could be the one #65
    • About #65, @unityisthekey thank you sir

  • can i see this with a white background
  • lets keep it as it is and do a white background instead of black #65
    • About #65, @unityisthekey Ok sir, thank you.

  • hi @unityisthekey here it is #65 a modification for #63 thank you #65
  • can you change the green to black? #63
    • About #63, @unityisthekey absolutely..doin it now..

  • Can you make the image a darker green and instead of white inside the image can you make it gold?
    And gold lettering? #47
    • About #47, @unityisthekey of course, i've made what you requested, i'll submit it now, sorry for the late respon, i was out of town :D

  • Can you make the pattern dark green and the inside of it gold? #47
  • Hi, I hope this design is perfect for your business. I will do anything and everything to ensure that your design needs is met with the premier design results you deserve. #57
  • Can you dark green with the gold in the outer ring #53
  • Can you make the image a gold color and the flower in the center a forest green?