Humboldt Medicine Man

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Project description

Medical and organic cannabis farm and wholesale  business selling cannabis products legally in the state of california

Looking for a logo incorporating of a red tail hawk or a california bear and the name of the business which clear imagery

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  • hi @unityisthekey #104 here it is on a white background #104
  • Can I see a white background on this one? #95
  • can i see this with a white background and just GOLD outlines of the design
  • Hi! Kindly check my first proposal and let me know what you think :) Thanks! :) #96
  • Can I also see a full size version of the tan colored background image? #70
  • Can you remove those cards from the image so I can see it with just the top image #70
  • Can I see this with a white background please #74
  • can you make this a white background? #61
    • About #61, @unityisthekey Ok, no problem :)

  • this with a white instead of black background could be the one #65
    • About #65, @unityisthekey thank you sir

  • can i see this with a white background
  • lets keep it as it is and do a white background instead of black #65
    • About #65, @unityisthekey Ok sir, thank you.

  • hi @unityisthekey here it is #65 a modification for #63 thank you #65
  • can you change the green to black? #63
    • About #63, @unityisthekey absolutely..doin it now..

  • Can you make the image a darker green and instead of white inside the image can you make it gold?
    And gold lettering? #47
    • About #47, @unityisthekey of course, i've made what you requested, i'll submit it now, sorry for the late respon, i was out of town :D

  • Can you make the pattern dark green and the inside of it gold? #47
  • Hi, I hope this design is perfect for your business. I will do anything and everything to ensure that your design needs is met with the premier design results you deserve. #57
  • Can you dark green with the gold in the outer ring #53
  • Can you make the image a gold color and the flower in the center a forest green?
  • will you please change the color of the font to gold? #25
  • Please feel free to check out this delivery, thank you #44