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Project description

Here's a preview of our site layout and an existing logo that we wish to improve on:

- We feel that the house icon is too generic and widely used.
- We want a more distinctive logo that really differentiates us clearly.
- We like the idea of a more unique/distinctive style of "house" icon being incorporated in some way.
- A white background is preferred.
- Our corporate colours are the orange and a few shades of grey.
- Looking for a fresh/clean professional look.

The new logo will be used on our web site, business cards, shirts and printed flyers/letterheads etc.

We are very open to all kinds of ideas and look forward to seeing what you can bring to the hunterhomes logo design contest!


(Note: This has nothing to do with Japan, I just posted this from Tokyo :)

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  • Yes it will be transparent. Will work on any colour desired.
  • Thanks for your submissions. Unfortunately it's not the direction we are looking for.
  • Thanks for the submissions. We can tell you would be a very good sign designer. Your designs do have impact and are very distinguishable from a distance. We can see what you are saying and definitely appreciate the advice. However it's not quite inline with our needs for a web site. We won't have any real estate style signs out the front of houses or anything. We are primarily a web site business. Thanks again.
  • Fantastic and looks great. That isn't the same background grey colour as we'e using, but hopefully it would be a transparent original anyway and I could apply it on top of any grey etc?
  • Mods please remove if I have broken any rules here.
  • Hi again. Could this logo also be supplied in a light faint greyscale version as we want to have a faint symbol in the footer, similar to what we have here: but using the successful logo instead. Cheers.
  • Thanks Marcovich. It does look better.
  • Thanks. Sorry its not quite what we're looking for.
  • Thanks for the submission. Sorry its not quite what we're looking for.
  • Very nice! Thanks for the revision.
  • Thanks again. Loving the progress. That is looking even better. Only thing we wonder now is if you could possibly experiment with some subtle differences of shading/reflection in the font? Some of the other designs have more of a wide arch shape with the reflection, kind of like sydney harbour bridge hump etc. Just wondering what some shading variations would look like. Cheers!
  • Thanks Soldation. We still prefer your other design. Thanks for your efforts, they are greatly appreciated and we feel that you have been a fantastic listener and really tried hard with the limited direction we have been able to give. Your sketches are outstanding quality, we do really like the quality but have a tough decision on our hands. Cheers again.
  • We are liking this one more now.. It is very clean and makes a statement.
  • Thanks for the revision. The colours are definitely better. Closer to our orange. We prefer the grey shading in your first design, I.e. with the grey fill inside the house flowing the different way. Could we please put that back? Do you think it's possible to have a little less of the lighter orange and a little more of our orange? I.e. the shading distribution? This is really starting to come together. Thanks again!
  • Hi designers, Thank you so much for your continued efforts. We are quite impressed. We are going to extend the contest by another week, simply because we think there is some more refinement required. We are getting closer to settling on "the one", but not quite there yet. The current line up looks very promising so we are confident that we will have found "the one" by the end of the week. Thanks again for your continued efforts! Best Regards The hunterhomes team.
  • Marcovich, re: this one, we don't like the black tagline font. Could you try perhaps a grey and simple font change for this? Maybe italic grey or something like some of the others? Cheers
  • Thanks for this. We like your thinking of including something about "fast" or "speed". This avenue has potential. We don't really like the font/wording however. Cheers
  • This is another subtle improvement Soldation. Thanks.
  • Thanks. I think these subtle changes are an improvement. It is getting there for sure. The "houses" idea is now obvious from this design, and also tidy/modern.
  • Thanks Marcovich, we think that the houses are a little too unusual/sharp.