Hupomone Productions

Artist was very detailed and creative. 'Always was checking in everyday and making requested changes as well as offering new and fresh ideas for consideration as well. Very professional in collaboration. We would go one-on-one for specific future designs if needed based on experience with artist thus far. Very pleased. A++ ~David


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Winning design #217 by idanism, Logo Design for Hupomone Productions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by idanism

Project description

  • We need a shorter logo branding.
  • We are a Video Production company.
  • Color is encouraged
  • Centralize the HP in the logo somewhere.
  • Streamlined and classy/sophisticated, but giving it a strong and "accurate at what we do" feel.
  • 'Would still like the full company name somewhere in it as well.
  • Use of video film cameras, reels, play buttons, film clappers encouraged, but no need for everything.
  • This will be used on banners, paper products, on company t-shirts (either embroidered or screen printed), website and digital media/motion media.
  • Vector layers are important for slight modifications for animation and screen printing/embroidery.

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  • Could you change the color to a metallic or royal blue? Looking for a vibrant blue. #155
    • @davidh is still 3 minutes left, but i can't upload new design,

    • @idanism i'm still trying now...

  • Can you make one like the lower left, but move the shutter to the O on the right and change the center to black? #168
  • The logo is a letter based logo forming a "H " letter with the film peliculas and film reel and pelicula is forming a smaller "P" letter.
    looking forward for your feedback. Thank you #210
  • please feel free for the changes
  • Dear CH,

    Another idea of a container holding all the gear. #202, #200 #199, #197.

    Kind regards.
  • Dear CH,

    This is the entry with all of the gear in its normal form, and how all the gear appears on textured background #188

    Kind regards.
  • Please provide feedback I have enter 4 concepts.
  • also, if we choose this logo, all of the gear needs to be included in its normal form, not what is just visible sticking out of the box, because we would animate all of these to fly into the box on a logo assembly video.... #168
    • okay, I understand, no problem.

  • Looking good.
    Try the MONE without the filmstrip too to see how it looks.
    Any way to show some sort of aspect of a container holding all the gear? #162
    • @davidh Thank you,,,, this is the new modified entry #166, #167, & #168 and with some variations. Each form can now be modified, freely..

      I will try another new idea about all the gear, and upload it soon.

      Kind regards,

  • Yes, all black text needs to be black space and not negative (alpha) becauseit will be animated as text to assemble onto the filmstrip, if used.
    All black spave on the equipment needs to be negative so one can see thru to video behind, however the black space behind the lense needs to be negative as well as positive over the negative so it can be used two ways during animation. This is the same for the lense of #162 #161
  • Please see comment on #155 #157
  • Ok. So can you now make the HUPO all orange and no gradient. and try to move the lense over to the left for the O in HUPO leaving the MONE all black.

    Please do this same thin for the version that is black and no grey filmstrip background #155
  • Maybe a different design with the film tape?? #143
  • Can you make the HUPO orange, keep the reel orange and then change out the reel for the lense #145
  • Can you put the HUPO in orange too and leave the reel orange.
    Also keep this and change out the reel for the lense again but keep it in oramge. #144
  • Hello CH,

    Please check my new entries #142, #143, #144, & #145, this new concept are based on your feedback, Please let me know if you have any new idea or suggestions, thank you,

    Kind regards,
  • logo idea.. Feedback and direction is appreciated. Good luck.. :-) #140
  • Logo for Hupomone Production. #136
  • LOL!
    Too Funny! ;-) #135
  • A minimalistic, strong and adaptive logotype, that could easily be animated for your own productins. The "reel" was inspired by the word Hupomone, endurance/patience). Feedback is welcome!
    Best regards
    Fredrik #134