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Winning design #34 by cailaklaimd, Logo Design for Hurricane Chiropractic Contest
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designed by cailaklaimd

Project description

We are a Chiropractic, Physical Rehab and Massage office in Westhampton NY. We plan on treating a lot of athletes and staff at Westhampton school district. They are the Hurricanes, hence our name also. Their logo is I don't want to copy their logo as I think we might get in trouble, however our office is going to be decorated like Applebees with local sports and academic memorabilia from the school. The colors are green and white. Thank you

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  • you are not allowed to use clipart or existing art the art you used is found here
  • it's not allowed to use colored background unless requested by the contest holder. please read: help/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/49/11/what-can-i-not- use-on-my-designs
  • To ch about #30. i came up with another concept with more of a sports theme and i made chiropractic flex a bit like joints.
  • Dear CH: Both 27 and 28 are a play on the hurricane logo combined with a mercury type wing. I was inspired to use this since your are treating athletes. In 28 I used more black to make things pop and moved the wing. Let me know if you have any other thoughts or adjustments. Thanks jreis
  • can you take out the hurricane chiropractic and keep the spine but put hurricane chiropractic to the right like #21
  • To me that image represents a tornado, not a hurricane. I do like the idea of it being spinal bones.
  • Hurricane should swirl the other way(didn't realize it was a hurricane symbol at first) and maybe accentuate it a bit more
  • To ch about #16. I made some minor adjustments from the last entry just to give it that much more of a strong structure.Hope you like it. Thanks for asking for revision it looks way better.
  • Hi, CH please evaluate #12 as you see the logo that I made was an image of hurricane but if you see it clearly it also indicate of backbone or bones structure..that was my concept. thanks and happy holidays to one and all!
  • To CH about #13. This is my revision. i added another Hurricane swirl to give the design more of a flare and motion. I also changed the color of that swirl to a lighter green to show contrast.I also changed the font to a more simple one that is still bold and strong. Hope you like it.
  • to ch about#1 thanks for the feedback ill get right on it
  • Like the idea, not a fan of font and chiropractic is spelled wrong and not visible enough
  • Don't care for snake or font
  • Like the idea, maybe more swirls on the hurricane and different font for hurricane
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder or if it is part of the logo, the background with your design is not part of the logo.
  • design this with in mind: the esculape is clinging in the storm to the "H" designfreak
  • To ch about #1. I have created the hurricane symbol with the H sitting in the middle as the eye of the storm.That element can stand alone as your icon if you want. The design is simple enough to be put on business cards and attractive enough for any other usage. hope you like it. feedback would be great thanks.
  • Here is a different version that I made. It still has the same font for your company name but I changed the hurricane design and added the effects to it like I did on #90.
  • This is a revised version the design #86. I add some more effects to the logo.
  • I Made the changes that you asked for in my design. If you need anything else just ask me. Thanks, Squewheet