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Winning design #2 by Creativita, Logo Design for HVL-Gruppen Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Creativita

Project description

HVL-Gruppen is in need of a new logo. We sell advertisements, and want our logo to consist of our name "HVL-Gruppen" and optionally a small illustration. We're open to suggestions about colors. Thank you for all your designs. We're currently being a little conservative with the rankings, as we don't want to narrow down the possibilities yet. We'll be sure to eliminate the ones we don't find fits our needs.

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  • #112 My proposal was to make a minimalist logo, that was simple and yet is modern. The use of a single color application and facilitating identification logo regardless of where it is applied. thank you Wait feedback
  • Dear CH, I upload my first submissions for Your contest and I hope You like them (from #100 to #107 ) Please email me if You need some changes. Best regards, s2289
  • Hello again all of you, and thank you for your designs. We're currently in the midst of discussing the different designs, and want to be sure we're pointing you in the right direction before ranking. Thank you!
  • Thank you for your design. The way the black bar strikes through HVL doesn't appeal. Can you make it white instead?
  • Thank you for your design. These logos seem like they would look great on print / business-cards, but they don't appeal to online use.
  • Hi CH, I represent the variant #72, has tried to make it more approached and clear in an everyday life. Thanks!
  • Could you explain what does "HVL Gruppen" stands for or means?
  • Hi there.. My concept is #41 #42 All colours, fonts & shapes are obviously editable. Let me know if you would like to see any adjustments made? many thanks. A
  • Our business sells advertisement space as well as the graphical design of those ads. They're projected on large, on average, 40" screens, but our logo isn't shown on the screens at the time being. Even though it really doesn't quite help you, we're probably into something creative but serious. We've run a round of eliminations, and as you can see, we've eliminated both some of the simple and of the more playful. We can't really be any more specific at the time being, but we are very open to suggestions.
  • Not clearly readable enough, sorry.
  • We need the whole name, sorry.
  • Too startk a contrast, sorry. More subtle.
  • Hello there, Just a few questions; In your business what kind of mediums do you use for the advertisements? Does the company provide a creative service or does it just sell the advertisement spaces. Are you interested in a more creative idea then the ones you have at the moment or do you prefer something more serious and conservative? Would also be usefull if you give some examples of logos you like so I could get a feeling of the style you're looking for. Thanks.
  • Hi CH, I represent the updated version logo #166, #167. I have shown use possibility on dark and light surfaces. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, I have entered my first design #130. What do you think sir?
  • #196 "negative space" logo... the colour can be blue if you are sticking with the original colour scheme. A
  • #194 A new simple but stylish concept for you. Any adjustments? let me know. A
  • Hey CH, I have submitted design #180 can I please get your feedback ? Thanks, Alex Banaga
  • sorry, sorry, sorry i upload a wrong design how can i erase it? please.
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #169 #170 #171 #172. Please provide valuable feedback. thanks and regards abhi