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Winning design #39 by abmckean, Logo Design for I-86 Truck & Auto Repair Contest
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designed by abmckean

Project description

We want to have a more professional and consistent brand for our business, starting with a logo and reworking our business cards, letterhead, flyers, postcards and other print material.  It will be a multipurpose logo for many uses, even on our company uniforms which is my immediate need.

Our business is unique in that we service and repair all makes and models of cars, trucks, medium-heavy duty equipment, and RV's.  We have retail customers with one car and also commercial fleet customers. We started 10 years ago as a heavy truck repair shop and mobile service and have expanded our service lines to the present date. Yes, it's our 10th anniversary this year! We now perform every service that a dealer can do, on all types of  vehicles (import & domestic) BUT the local customer still remembers us as a "truck shop"!  It's been a difficult road to get them to see us as full-service automotive facility too. 

We don't want to formally separate the two sides of the business (heavy truck/auto).  However, we can focus our marketing on either or both. Because the truck repair side of the business is successful now, I am putting most of my effort into I-86 Auto Repair marketing.  It is not practical for us to have 2 sets of standard printed materials such as business cards, stationery, flyers... but I would use separate logos on other marketing such as direct mail postcards and online advertising. Feel free to submit variations with the same look that would work for both sides of our business.

Now for the style... I am not against looking outside the box for ideas. I actually like things that are a little quirky or different to stand out as long as it looks professional and clean. I don't want to look like a large corporate image. Our customers range from families with young children (mini-van) to seniors (older vehicles), from professionals (BMW's) to truck drivers (semis).

In the past we have used two versions of the Interstate 86 road sign as our logo with our company name in simple fonts to the right. We will need to keep that image or shape incorporated into our brand. Our company colors were taken from that sign, red/white/blue. I'm a big fan of yellow accents for attracting attention in marketing.  Our current company shirts are dark red with the I-86 sign and bright yellow lettering for the company name.  I've tried to represent the colors ideas below. Think American flag colors and that will get you there.

I hope these details have given you a good start on what our needs are.  I'm excited to be working with you and glad to answer any questions you may have.

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  • I thank you all for submitting creative ideas and working with me so well on changes!! I will be making a choice of designer in the next day or two after consulting with management staff. If your design has not been eliminated you are still in the game. It's been a pleasure working with http://designcontest.com for the first time.
  • Please give your suggestion!!! #130
  • The word TRUCK is too prominent. In my brief I mentioned that we needed to minimize this part of our company. #122
  • These designs look nice. However, print inside the sign will be too small to read when scaled down for many applications. #114
    • About #114, @int86
      So that's why a lot of designers are making a rectangular design with stuff outside the sign. Maybe you could take the original design and just make the banner larger? I didn't mean for you to try and put it all inside the sign.

  • Would need to be in layout similar to those still active in contest, rectangular the other way... Too much yellow. Good otherwise, so thanks! #128
  • Hi, I removed all the gradients and shadows all in full colour! #123
  • About #73, @MZPDesigns
    Can you take out the orange? maybe just use a different style of banner/shape. I like the stars. Maybe too much yellow. Have you submitted a version that is more rectangular? I'd love to see what you come up with...
    • @int86 Thanks for your consideration and feedback. I have focused on your all suggestions and updated my entry by #114, #115, #116, #117 and #119 . Please give your feedback and reviews. Regards!!!

  • About #105, @SonnySuganob
    I need to have solid colors rather than fading. No shadows. One of the first uses for the new logo is embroidery on our shirts and jackets so it has to be friendly for that process. Be careful to use the colors I originally posted or something close.
  • Please feedback #110
  • Here are the changes that you listed and colours that you requested! Hope its eye catching! I like the red one tho! #105
  • About #92, @SonnySuganob
    I don't see differences between #92 and #93. Can you tell me if they are the same or point out the differences please?
    • About #97, @int86 ,between 92-93 is the same images, my bad on uploading error! btw here is the new entry i changed the "truck &"font same with "AUTO REPAIR"...

  • If this is supposed to be the handle of the wrench can it have some yellow to match and lines in line with wrench body? Otherwise maybe eliminate this part it altogether. A little too much going on. #93
  • I like the yellow wrench for accent behind, but can we try the company name in red on one version and blue on another version? Use the same font and style for entire name. #93
  • Can you eliminate the 2 stars? #93
  • I'm not a fan of the outlined I-86. Can you make it more similar to AUTO REPAIR? #93
  • Looks like there might be 2 different fonts used here. Maybe just use the one font you have for AUTO REPAIR? #93
  • About #96, @smsadiq
    We are trying to get away from people thinking we only work on trucks, so these designs with the truck image don't work for me. Creative designs...
  • Please fill in the I-86 on the interstate signs rather than outlining. #27
  • Please check #89
  • Please check my work. Thank you #87