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Winning design #105 by corto_malteze, Logo Design for iASGM Contest
Gold Medal

designed by corto_malteze

Project description

iASGM stands for "international Agency for Sport- & Golfmanagement" (in german: "internationale Agentur für Sport- & Golfmanagement"). This business offers business/management consulting within golf (and other sport) markets .... I would need two similar logos ... one in English and one in German. The logo should be dynamic and easy like a perfect golfswing .... the logos should combine both "iASGM" and "international Agency for Sport- & Golfmanagement" ... one option could be to show a "i"-logo followed by "ASGM"-text ... (as shown in the attached first logo-version ... I don't like it too much, but it could be kind of a hint) ... but I'm curious to discover other ideas

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  • DM3
    #4 Thanks for the feedback. Let me know what you think on #19, thanks. Just added #20 and #21. cheers! DM3
  • Dear CH, I just submitted #18.... thank you, DM
  • Hello CH please inform me about #11 and #15. Kind Regards
  • so far my favourite ... the earth within the "i"-logo should replaced by something else ... and the "swing through ASGM" could be more accented
  • Thx .. basically no, I don't like it, sorry ... for me, the "i" logo is not golf-compatible
  • CH your thoughts on the design #7 ? the color or the font tnx.
  • Dear CH, Please ingnore #5, #6 is the correct one... Thank you, DM
  • DM3
    Hi C.H. I uploaded #20 back (#25). The black background, just to show that the logo will work on dark or light colored background. Thanks. cheers! DM3
  • I like this one ... not yet my favourite, but I like it
  • looks nice, but doesn't fit, sorry
  • looks nice, but doesn't fit, sorry
  • @dm3 re. #20 ... still like it, but unfortunately hit the wrong button (eliminate) ... can't make this unhappend ... could you poste #20 again? thx
  • nice, like it
  • Cool, but black background doesn't fit ...
  • Cool ... but black background doesn't fit
  • sorry, doesn't appeal to me ... some of your other works do
  • sorry, doesn't appeal to me
  • sorry, doesn't appeal to me
  • sorry, doesn't appeal to me
  • nice don't know, if the grey shade around the logo looks nice in a printed version ...