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I really enjoyed this entire experience. I had a number of great logos to choose from and I was very pleased with the work done. Thank you.

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Winning design #196 by pidie, Logo Design for Idaho DUI Lawyer Contest
Gold Medal

designed by pidie

Project description

I would like to see an image of the State of Idaho in the background with my website name displayed prominently in the logo

In terms of colors, I would it limited to gold, black and white.

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  • This mountain stands for the zenith ie. peak, pronouncing that you are the king in your field of justice #237
  • Have included a symbol for SAFETY, which is a trust mark for a lawyer #236
  • At the first sight itself, the website can be identified as one for a lawyer because of the balance SYMBOL that is in gold. Pictures speaks louder. #227
  • Please give feedback. THanks. #213
  • Here's another approach. Hope im on track. Good luck #208
  • Maybe take the mountains out of the center of the picture. #194
    • @lipidshk ok no problem CH., I'll try to fix it, thanks for the feedback

  • ... #196
  • Hi, Changed the colors such that 'DUI' stands out from the rest.
    Thank you. #193
  • Could you change the color of the letters "DUI" so that they stick out. So in the white logo, make those letters black. In the black one make the letters white. Thanks. #187
  • you are welcome to rate my design #184
  • you are welcome to rate my design #183
  • you are welcome to rate my design #182
  • you are welcome to rate my design #181
  • hello lipidshk
    im here for any suggestion
  • Logo idea. Hope im on track. Good luck #175
  • hi @lipidshk please check it ,,,

    thanks #172
  • Dear CH,how do you think about my entry, hopefully what you expect #169 #168

  • I like this logo, but I am not a huge fan of how the D looks in Idaho. I think you are trying to correct that in this one by lacing a line showing where the map ends and the D begins. I do like it though. #167
    • About #167, @lipidshk , hi there! thanks a lot for your feedback. i posted new version please check entry #170

  • hi @lipidshk , any revision about it ,,,?

    thanks #88
    • Show me some different color combos with black, gold and white. Fill in some spaces with different colors etc. Thanks.

  • Could you show me this one and #87 with some different color combinations? Maybe white, black, gold with a different background color as well. Thanks. #97