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Winning design #126 by swo0osh, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by swo0osh

Project description

(NEW INFO ADDED 3/12/14 at 9:21am Eastern... Our software platform and manufacturing facility are significant differentiators for our company. Design ideas that somehow incorporate technology and manufacturing would be welcome. Think "computer meets sewing machine" for example.) iDesign Apparel is a new division of an existing company called Trinity Apparel ( We have been using the name iDesign for our online technology but now wish to expand the use of the name to break into a market segment of the apparel indsutry we have not been serving to date... that is, Brick and Mortar retail stores. We want a new logo for the iDesign name. The logo design should have two versions to consider: one with the word "Apparel" included, and one without. If you go to our temporary landing page at you will see our current version of the iDesign logo. If possible, we wish to incorporate the little blue "i-man" into the new design.

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  • Hi please share some feedback about my entry #6, thanks.
    • It's not bad. I'm not going to say that I love it and expect it to win though. Feel free to submit other designs.

  • feel free to use lower case letters in the word Design. It doesn't have to be all capital letters.
    • Thank you for your feedback i will improved with title case

  • The word is "Apparel" not "Apparels". Same feedback as the other submission. Don't like the varying proportions of the letters.
  • blending the i and the D together makes it hard to understand what it says. Just looks like an unusual D, reading like "Design" instead of "iDesign".
  • Don't like the distorted proportions of the letters. Looks like something is wrong by accident.
  • The word to add to iDesign is "APPAREL" not "APPARELS" with an S
  • GJR
    Using stock/clipart is not allowed in logo contests.
  • Hi CH, please review my entries # 11 & # 12. Thank you.
  • Hi Prego, I have sought to make the icon of the letter I like the tie, so I do not know how smart idea. Maybe it seems a bit modern. I tried to derive from some other tricks, but I must say that it is very difficult to make the icon and follow the path to the letter G in its path #10. This is something that came as an idea. Sincerely, krisdesign
  • Hi CH: Is this mainly geared toward men's or ladies' apparel - or both?
    • Men's apparel. Custom suits, jackets, shirts and pants. In the near future we will have casual apparel as well. Polos, outerwear, denim, etc.

  • we rarely use black backgrounds in anything we do. Please switch to a white background. thx
  • the letters are too thin.
  • xgfarah... I like the modern design of the letters. If you'd like to submit another variation with slightly thicker letters and don't reshape the blue i-man so much that would be good. Thx
  • please try again but don't distort the blue "i-man" so far from the original design.
  • As a general comment to all those submitting entries, when I originally wrote that we'd like to see the little blue "i-man" symbol in our current logo be implemented, that meant to use it as-is and design the rest of the logo around it. Almost all of the entries are heavily distorting the i-man symbol. I'm not saying that it can't be touched at all, but don't distort it so much that it no longer resembles the original shape.
  • the double-stroke letters are interesting but I don't like the change to our blue i-man icon. Feel free to try again. Please note there is no "S" in Apparel.
  • Regarding #69: I know this is way outside the box, but I kept coming back to "clean & classic" -- also I was being drawn to playing up "i D" -- maybe a future promotion or tagline? "what's your i D?". ['your' in italics] Would also adapt itself as you branch out into more casual lines in the future. Just wanted to present the concept - I know it's really a different direction. Thanks for the opportunity to submit a design!
  • This is getting very good. I just tried photoshopping this one to remove the arm and bring the oval head closer to the body and it looked pretty good. Maybe you can find a creative way to make it look like the arm is behind his back instead of out into the air the way we've originally presented it. We're very close. There are still two days left in the contest but this is definitely the front runner at this point.
  • getting better. Per my other comment, try making the shirt white. I'm uploading another quick photoshop edit to show how you may need to have him standing a little bit straighter to make it work. Look out for it.
  • Not bad. Maybe he needs to be standing a little straighter to make it work. Also the shirt can be white to make it stand out more and offer contrast to the tie. It's getting there.