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Winning design #76 by vfdez, Logo Design for iElements Contest
Gold Medal

designed by vfdez

Project description

Website that allows for exchange of ideas, designs, and related items for architects, drafts men & women, engineers, interior designers and related fields. Site will be professional with modern edgy feel. Website is in design currently so no reference point there. Tagline will be built from "Now.", as in "You have it, Now." or "That one idea, Now.", etc. A community aspect will be present for typical age bracket of 20-40 yrs. old. Balance between Professional and Edgy. Global aspect since these fields go beyond the US borders, although US will likely be majority. Elements are common base units for all design software. is then the digital home of those "base units", regardless of other nomenclature in separate fields or software.

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  • Hello Contest Holder, I've uploaded entries #11 and #12 for your consideration. The idea I used was to make a shape out of the I and E using the negative space inside the E to form an I. Then I surrounded the shape again, framing it, to allude to an image of a window or door, tying in the architectural/interiors notion. I think this makes for a clean, strong approach, and I hope you like it. Do let me know what you think, and whether you'd like any alterations. Thanks, Victor Fdez
    • #11 is a little too basic but the door addition with #12 providing depth is a great addition. After see the ideas and work roll in the "tall" logos are not resonating, in other words, an object sitting on top of the name. In line seems to be my preference. Although, there are a couple that catch the eye.

    • OK, after ranking them initially the "tall" logos are actually coming through pretty darn good. This is a process on this end so sorry for the 180 on that.

    • The concept of bulb? Yes, I took the tet+ concept, sorry,I thought that it's ok, because I have seen that there are some designs take the bulb concept aswell.

  • Hello CH! Thanks for rating my designs. I feel happy to see my design in top rating. I made some changes to entry #126 to make it solid and modern.It is entry #179! As your website have to do with creativity and new ideas or concepts. I thought the bubble light represent this very well. I didn't design the bubble light in a solid way because the logo would look boring but I designed it in a creative way. So, that one idea now is new and creative. The logo is modern, fresh and original same as the purpose of the website is. tet+
  • Hello CH, Thanks for all the feedback. It's good to have the follow up. I've uploaded entry #137 with some variations on my previous entry, hoping you might like one approach a little better. Do let me know any specific changes you would like to see, or what you like and don't like so that I can improve them. I've also uploaded #138, which is another concept. This one is focused on the eureka moment when an idea is born, which I think is more in line with what your site will be about, idea sharing and development. The image is still a stylized combination of the letters I and E, this time made to look like a face having an idea. I've also tweaked the tagline to punch up the concept (hope you don't mind). Let me know what you think, and again, don't hesitate to request modifications. Thanks again for the consideration, Victor Fdez
  • Icon is a little too abstract and the negative is not easy on the eyes.
  • I like this a lot, very readable, good depth within the name, balanced. Colors are not my favorite though, so far the blue, grey, metallic, and orange/red have seemed to play together nicely. Maybe the same shadowing on a steel grey background for "Elements" and something contrasting for under the "i"?
    • Thank you for rating and feedback. There are some color variants - #115 #116 #117 #118 #119. Are there colors about your preferences? Best regards, asanasa

  • Everyone is awesome for responses and designs, I am really feeling good about using design contest to get this done. So since everyone is killing it, I took the prize up 20%. This is totally worth it and if it helps justify the time more on your end then win win.
    • Thanks for the update. You will definitely walk away with an awesome design. My peers here are excellent and you will see some great competition. Appreciate the thoughtfulness from your end!

  • Hmmm. Not sure about the icon to the left. Can you give me some background to your thoughts on that?
    • I was originally thinking of a portal where things in then out (like a black hole)....but I took the portal part out to make it cleaner...I basically was trying to show the streams of files in modern way...I will work on it.

  • OK, White, grey and black always look professional together and an accent color is needed but I am not feeling the gold...
  • I just keep staring at this one for good and unsure reasons. First it looks like you printed it and uploaded a picture? If you actually drew it up that way and it's not a pic, bravo. The icon seems too heavily waited compared to the name. The underline is great because it helps keep it prominent. The M and N shape are throwing me off with the rounded tops. The icon does have depth to it which is good but maybe since it is all one color it doesn't have enough depth...not sure.
    • Thank you for your feedback, let me submit another style of the logo :)

  • Red dominates the icon too much - combined with the size. It's a nice play on the door idea using the black as negative but it feels unbalanced.
  • a quick google search shows that IElements is in use by others
    • Yes. I am also eating apple while reading on my Apple laptop and planning a trip to the big apple. But they are not related and only one of those owns :)

  • Tag line change - Font change, don't justify and then center. Use a "friendly" or "fun" font for the tag.
  • Hi Shanewells...if I may, reply to your question. Yes, designers can see the rankings and entries, unless you make the contest blind and then one can only see rankings but not the entry. Open contest has both advantages and disadvantages IMO. If open, you might see a lot of duplication/variation of the first few top rated designs but on the other hand you will see some new unique ideas too. With a blind contest its more safe, you only get new ideas with very less duplication/variation. You can contact a moderator through live chat for more details about this.
    • |--|

      EcoDesigns {*wrote*}:
      Hi Shanewells...if I may, reply to your question. Yes, designers can see the rankings, unless you make the contest blind. Open contest has both advantages and disadvantages IMO. If open, you might see a lot of duplication of the first few top rated designs but on the other hand you will see some new unique ideas too. With a blind contest its more safe, you only get new ideas with very less duplication. You can contact a moderator through live chat for more details about this.
      |--| Good info, Thanks EcoDesigns!

  • I like the first, subtle door better, leave it up to the observers imagination to fill in the details.
    • General Question: Can designers see the current ranking of entries? If so that's helpful to see the evolution of what is trending or more importantly what has not trended...

  • Ooooo, nice upgrade. Font good, colors good, too many arrows though. Maybe one arrow moving forward? Is it possible to get some depth on this as well?
    • Thank for the feedback. Yes, I was actually in the middle of evolving this concept more when I saw your comment. Will upload soon :)

    • #69 #71 #75 #76 are some variations. Do share your thoughts!

  • Hey CH, Thank you for your feedback on #11 and #12. I wanted you to have a look at #68 where I've laid out the logo horizontally, which would work out better for a web application. I've also tweaked it a bit, and have given you some color options. Hope you like it, and please let me know if there's anything else you would like to see. Thanks again, Victor Fdez
  • There are a lot of great things about this one; it's crisp, 3D depth, i inside the E... Where i think this is lacking is the big E is so BIG and the iELEMENTS is plain, white bread in comparison.
  • Dell?
    • Close but no :) Now its removed because I saw that similar entry already exist... Kind Regards

  • Too robotic on this one. Where's the sexy and sleek? I know i didn't put that in the description but this is the anti-sexy.
  • Simple with some energy - both good. Use of dimension lines is also a plus but something is still missing. Maybe it's the shape of the i.