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We are IFG - Investment & Financial Group. We are looking for your fresh ideas for our corporate logo. Please be creative and submit as many different ideas asd possible.

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  • Hi CH,please see my entry #5. It is the best idea I could come up with and the idea of the logo is shown underneath. Hope you like it... Different colors and gradients can be worked out. Feel free to ask for revisions. Thanks for the opportunity.
  • SLX
    #99 #100 A first proposal. Let me know if this is something you had in mind and if I can improve it in any way.
  • Я предлагаю вашему вниманию работы 53, 79,80, если вы не станете коментировать представленные работы, то художники будут блуждать в своих фонтазиях не приближаясь к желаемому вами лого, к тому же перевод на английский очень отличается от того что вы думаете на русском ! Пробуйте отвечать на вопросы художника и вы получите результат , который вам нужен!
  • Hi CH, Submitting design#183 for your perusal. Thank you
  • Hi CH, a new version of logo #196, strict business view, the minimum color - maximum convenience in operation. Thank you!
  • Hi there 5468363, I wanted to let you know that your contest has gone 2 months expired, our policy is 30 days expired and your contest is then considered abandoned. Your contest is waiting for you to either choose a winner or extend the contest. After you choose a winner you have 7 more days to work with winner on changes you may need or want. If no action on your contest within the next 48 hrs we will consider this contest abandoned The contest will then go to designer community to vote on this guaranteed winner, the prize will go to the winner of the community poll vote.