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Winning design #60 by rillusion, Logo Design for iGaming Elite Contest
Gold Medal

designed by rillusion

Project description

*****WE ARE NOT GAMING, IT IS iGAMING, WHICH MEANS ONLINE GAMBLING****** I am currently having a whole new website built. The feel of the website will be a standard recruitment wireframe. However, from a design point of view, it will have more of a comic book feel. I am looking for a complete change of brand so therefore I am looking for something bold and similar to the Sin City logo, for example. The background of the website will be black and white with splashes of color. I particular like the work of Frank Miller, to give you an idea. Underneath the words "iGaming Elite" needs to be a strap line of "online gaming's leading headhunter" Obviously I don't want a exact copy of the sin city logo, it's just to give you an idea.

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  • Love this design, however is it possible to have the font underneath the same as your other design #60
  • ? #67
  • please check.
    thanks #66
  • feedback please #60
  • feedback please #59
  • feedback please #58
  • feedback please #57
  • feedback please #56
  • feedback please #55
  • cek,umpan balik #50
  • If you want some changes ket me know! #42
  • Tried to go for another illustrated one, except this one actually fits with the brief a bit better than the last. #40
  • Another variation where the dot of the "i" is made white CH @DeanNicholls #29
  • Here is a new slight variation, where the grey shadows have been made more greyish and also added a drop shadow to the entire logo. Waiting for your feedback on this one CH #28
  • Very good, followed the brief well. Maybe a couple more options where the color stands out more #18
    • @DeanNicholls I'm Happy you are liking the design CH. Will definitely try to make the colors stand out more

  • Hello again CH @DeanNicholls. How about this one CH (removed the joystick part) ? #18
  • Hello there CH @DeanNicholls ! Hope you are having an amazing day ! The logo is designed to look very professional in a comic style as required and is as per the brief. Waiting for your valuable feedback on the logo made CH.

    3B DESIGNS #15
    • @3bdesigns I like it alot, very good. The only issue is we are not gaming, we are online gambling

    • @DeanNicholls Thanks a lot for the feedback. Glad that you liked it. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Will change back the "Joytsick M" to a normal "M". Anyother changes you would like to see CH ?

    • @DeanNicholls And Ch, as far as the tagline goes..is it "Online gaming.........." or "Online gambling............" ?

  • png for white background #17
  • png suited for black background #16