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Winning design #850 by mariogumapac_mg, Logo Design for iinnovate Leadership Network Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mariogumapac_mg

Project description

I would like to create a professionally looking logo for my business .  I have a current logo design but people are confused by it.  My business is pronounced "I Innovate" but people confuse it with "illnovate" if we use the wrong font.  You can see the current website by going to www.iinnovatenetwork.com.  The company provides advisory services to tech entrepreneurs growing their businesses.  I would like to see options where the first I looks like a capital "I" with a cross on the top and bottom to make it clear that it is a capital I.  I would like it to be clear that it is pronounced "I iInnovate". 

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  • new version,check please sir?
    regards #887
  • This is perfect the way it is. Can you send me the file and help with my business card design. #850
  • Hi @rjobusiness, Please look this on #885
  • Hi @rjobusiness,
    I have made another option as you requested, i hope you like it. #872 #873 #877 #880 #882
  • ILN #875
  • Honorable CH,
    Although you already declare a design as winner on comment. Then also kindly check this design.
  • @rjobusiness ,The photo below is only a presentation of the logo design. Photo source from your site. The taller and smaller "i" represents changes. #864
  • Like this ? #850
  • You win!!!

    Thank you.

    Can you show me a version with the blue I above a little wider. Also take away the other version and just show me the the logo on the bottom. #839
  • leveled eyes with other letters...... #845
  • The first blue eye may not be level with the rest of the letters. Can you check. #843
  • I love the bottom version! Thank you. #843
  • Other options #843
  • like these ? #838
  • Ok.
    What's this like you mean? #837
  • Great. Can I see this with a Blue lower case i within a white upper case I above.

    Also Can you place an upper case blue I at the beginning of the written innovate. #835
  • You mean like this one? #834
  • Instead of the blue box put the white i within this shape.. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/be/UHS-I.png #465
  • About #832, @JoriezJonder please make the first blue I look like this. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/be/UHS-I.png
  • Please try again. Let me just see a blue upper case I in the name without any shape.

    Then put a blue shape like this https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/be/UHS-I.png. With a i inside it. Put this logo above the name. Let me know if you understand. #833